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Flamingo & Strapless Tops


The spanish guitar has pretty much taken over all of my practice time. Although it’s a sod to play I am gradually finding it easier. I am trotting out a piece I began in my 20’s. I called it Flamingo. Like all my own compositions, it evolves. Bits got forgotten and other bits got tacked on later. I have the bare bones of Flamingo resurrected now and can play most of it. More importantly I have added some more and it has taken on a life of its own once more. It’s now as long as it ever was and still growing.

It’s like an infant demanding its bottle. With every feed it takes a little bit more. It demands a good deal of practice.

Last Saturdays gig. Considering I only prepared with half my usual ‘revision’, the gig went well. This was the first gig since getting the GT-5 repaired and it has a clean bill of health now. However the ‘Move On Up’ solo was weird and I couldn’t figure out why until after the song. I had hit the wrong patch and selected ‘Jazz Scoil’ (Jazz Single Coil: a warm clean sound) instead of ‘Twin’ (Twin Reverb: a louder biting sound). For the first time in several years, we didn’t get an encore (though there was a DJ taking over from us).

They all danced though. Every woman was wearing a strapless top; must be the fashion I suppose. The thing about those is that they have to be pulled up every few minutes, especially when dancing. We played an extra long version of ‘Hey Ya’ in appreciation of this. It was pretty hard checking out the progress of each top as the song went into overtime.

On the way home after the gig Jan mentioned the ‘slipping strapless top’ business. I of course tactfully expressed surprise.

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On the way home after the gig Jan mentioned the ‘slipping strapless top’ business. I of course tactfully expressed surprise.

I'll bet you did! ^_^

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