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Coo Koo Cats


A lovely summer evening, it'd cooled a bit from the 90+ high humidity. ______ and I sat outside w/ tobbacco's, O doul's and dark chocolates. I listened to _____ speak about the Am. Civil War and asked questions.

I played outside after chat. A. (12) and M. (eight) were at the table with me. I put the axe away for awhile and we laughed about the other eve, when M. came up to me, very late: I hissed, "What?!" (I begin hissing after about 10:00 pm when they want me - 14 hours is enough I think!)

She was all big eyes and not intimidated. "Mom," she said in a low voice, "Posh Nosh was on." Giggle. "We saw it, yeah, it was really funny."

I sat to attention, "I'm jealous!"

Anyway, they talked again about Posh Nosh and were looking for Orion's Belt in the sky as it got dark. M. was feverishly working on something with her markers. A. went down the hill to retreive her paper airplane (admirable flights!), and M. all wide eyed again, and in her robe, announced:

"I'm finishing a comic called Coo Koo Cats for you, Mommy. And I want you to look at it."

I put away the guitar and we studied the page in the outdoor lights. No words, but about 6 panels, roughly.

1st - a cat on floor looking up at microwave

2nd - kitty's now in the microwave (door open)

3rd - kitty being mic'd

4th - kitty beginning to blow up

5th - kitty in a mad fight with another cat (it's unclear to me if this 2nd cat turned on the mic in the 1st place, but due to evening, I may've missed seeing 2nd kitty back in panel two or 3).

6th - both kitties sleeping heavily...1st kitty has very long sharp claw extended from outstretched "arm"

"They got tired from fighting, so they went to sleep," M. explained. "But the one cat is ready - see her claw?- yeah, she's ready to fight as soon as they wake." I laughed and admired her full color comic. "I think you should put it in your guitar case," M. suggested.

What a fantastic idea. So there it is.


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