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Band Practice (And Chris Is Better)...


Practice today with the full band—and the band is good. Very, very good. It is an honor to play with these guys. (And to use a hackneyed phrase, I hope it’s as good for them as it is for me.) I would pay money to hear us, and I hope lots of people do. The revised April 24 setlist (1-1/2 hours, played straight through) is:

Dead Things in the Shower (mod. fast two-step)

Armadillo on the Interstate (slow & sleazy)

Things Are Getting Better Now That Things Are Getting Worse—Gene Burnett (fast two-step)

Tillamook Railroad Blues (deliberate blues)

For Their Own Ends—Southern Pigfish (folk-rock)

Eatin’ Cornflakes from a Hubcap Blues (slow & sleazy quasi-blues)

Welcome to Hebo Waltz (fast waltz)

Test Tube Baby (Elvis-style rock & roll)

Un-Easy Street—Stan Good (mod. two-step)

Duct Tape (mod. speed country)

Hey, Little Chicken (sleazy quasi-blues)

Dance a Little Longer—Woody Guthrie (country rock)

No Good Songs About the War (slow two-step)

Love Trails of the Zombie Snails—Southern Pigfish (folk-rock)

She Ain’t Starvin’ Herself (mod. fast blues)

Free-Range Person (fast bluegrass)

Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad—Woody Guthrie (fast bluegrass)

A good mix: some blues, some rock, some bluegrass, some country—and even a waltz. Shows off the band’s versatility, I guess. We even have Arrangements for some of the songs. I still have the Rap to re-do—but I succeeded in cutting the setlist by three songs without changing the order of everything else. The Rap may not need a lot of modification.

I think we’re ready for the gig. I will get to play Wednesday afternoon at the tavern (it’s Training Day for the Census—yes, I finally did get accepted for a bottom-level Census job—but it will only last half a day), and I will get to play Friday night at City Hall. The owner of the Tillamook music store wants to start up a Wednesday evening jam session at her store, too, and I said of course I’d be interested in coming; maybe she’ll do that this Wednesday. I do need to make sure I play as frequently as possible this coming week.

Word through the grapevine is the 2nd Street Public Market is NOT interested in having me as a performer. I’ll leave it up to fans to ask why (and hope they do). At my end, as an official of the Bay City Arts Center, I’m interested in cutting a deal with the Market to display our members’ artwork, and I don’t want anything I want personally as a performer to get in the way of that.

A third college is now stalking me—another graphic-design school. Being a bit inured to this “courting” now, I can respond with less excitement. They, too, are expensive, at $350 per credit hour—and how many classes would I need to get a degree in something for which I have absolutely no formal training? I have two years of college as a history major, and roughly two more in computer programming; all my graphic design expertise has been self-taught. It is, as I explained to one of the college recruiters, simply something I can do, and do well. But if I want a degree, I probably should try to pyramid on what I already have part of the credits for—as well as do it somewhere cheaper.

Finally, Chris is out of the hospital, transferred to a nursing facility in Forest Grove (a little over an hour away) where he’ll get 24-hour care. They’d originally expected to keep him there a month, but now say he can come home in two weeks—apparently he’s doing lots better. I plan on visiting Thursday.



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