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Strangers Liked The Songs (Live)


Thorny Swale played our first gig in 2 months, tonight. I began the last set by telling the crowd we were going to

do 2 original songs, dedicating one to Dylan who was in attendance, and whose cool dream I based the lyric upon.

The crowd was listening to what I said, and immediately began dancing once we started. The songs went by pretty

fast, but I noticed in addition to the dancers, bar patrons paying attention. I have never had that experience before

with originals - and maybe not with covers, either.

I felt pretty detached - was paying attention to business: playing guitar, lead singing and cueing the band.

Any wonder I felt was in my head, but my heart just loved the songs, esp Dylan's. I love playing that acoustic

out front and singing what is mine. I love it that even when asked, I didn't tell the guys at all what to play when

first introducing the songs to them. Said, "I could, but what for? You'll know what to do..." I love their parts and

what they're making the songs become. I love it that Scott can play drums and it's full sound.


We want Jeff F to stay with us. He's come the past 2 gigs, videoing in addition to tenor and singing.


Kayla, Dylan and their friend Sarah came out. That was so cool!! Kayla shot dozens of pictures, there were

many very good shots. We had our best gig ever. We needed a night like tonight, it seems like due paying

has been extreme.


I actually asked for a drum solo tonight, during a song, and the guys could not make out what I was saying,

so I said it through the mic: Let Me Solo. I have never soloed with the band now, or the former version, never

asked to, never wanted to. I'm going to have a drum solo from now on.


This was the 2nd gig playing acoustic on originals, full band. Hooked...HOOKED HOOKED HOOKED



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