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Matters And Poetry


Hello world,

While life is dull for me now, I find that music is always a hot ticket to a rockin world for me. The muse of my dreams, the meaning of this life here, is simply art and music! Whether its making music, creating songs, making art/paintings, listening to rock bands' music/songs, RnB or Classical music- well now! That's music to my souls ears! Here, these are just some of my random thoughts I had running through my thick skull! Lol Any ways, I hope you all have a great rest of the night. Ima hit the hay and enjoy listening to some more... music! :) *waves

By the way, here is a short poem I wrote like an hour ago. Maybe I'll re-write it and use it as a song?


Pushing, flowing like the waterfalls. Making my way to the devils lair, for there the stolen souls before me! Moving the moon to framing the the artist. Mastering life and time in a UFO capsule. Staring out at the darkness of the open waters. I plunged to the depths of the oceans, where in my dreams, the mermaids dwell there awaiting my singing soul of a humans tale, of my innermost agony. She is I and I do not belong here. So this is my shelter from the storms and the fires of life and hell? So won't you save me whoever you are, to where should I belong? For in time alone I can tell, that I am not one of them. And I'm nothing like them.

It's all I have for now sooo, peace out!


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