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Day 1: Here We Go....


So I figured I'd give this a try. See how it goes and see what comes of it. Over the next week or so I'll introduce myself and tell you about the daily work thats involved in setting up and running a production company. I intend it to be honest, non-ego and sometimes factual.

We get to see another side of the music industry. We link the artist to the labels and the public. We get to manipulate, inspire, focus and explore music in a very controlled way. Its not rocket science, but its a bit of the recording process that so so many musicians and artists dont understand or dont think of. If I were to start my musical journey again (which began around 25 years ago) I would have opened up my mind to working with an honest producer, it would have saved me a lot of time and money... and hopefully we can do that for our customers!

Its a balance between our vision and the artists vision. They are very close to the music, we get close... through understanding their visions and helping them to focus it to a pin point so that the music fans can also see their vision in its full glory. Music is amazing, inspiring and can change many things. We are a production process that takes the raw song and delivers it in 3D.

Lots coming up over the next month, I have a recording in Umea (North Sweden), Album meeting in the UK, Vocal recording in the UK for a new remix... songwriting with a client for a recording project booked for 2011... plus a few people to chase up and a company to promote. Lets see where we go, come along for the ride! (Tooooot tooot!)

My company website, that i run with my business partner Mat White is: www.iLovePopUp.com and my educational company is: www.kaytosound.com

Have an explore, I'll start explaining the journey ahead tomorrow. Bye for now.

Andy Cargill


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