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The Week That Went Fast!


Its Friday, think the last time I posted it was Sunday morning.... where did the time go? I flew back to Stockholm on Monday morning (having had 3hrs sleep from the night before) and then slept! Such an amazing weekend, lovely musicians, lovely people and a wonderful recording experience!

I ended up with 5 DVDs containing the session files. Pleased to say that I fired them into my MacBook, plugged it into the 002 and all worked fine! Thats the amazing thing with the Pro Tools rigs, you can just interchange the system you are working on without any hangups. I'm also amazed at how powerful these MacBook Pros are.... its not even thinking and has lots of plugins, tracks and automation to deal with (Strokes is Macbook with a smile! lol).

So, next job is creating stems from the recording session file. For those new to this, that involves consolidating each audio track into into single wav files (or instrument). They must all start at the same point, so that they can be lined up in any audiosoftware package. (hope that made sense?!). The reason for doing this is that the material can be mixed or edited in any software package, not just pro tools software.

Mat (Me partner in crime), did a mix of one of the tunes this week. Sounds amazing! The way we do this is that I upload the stems for a song, he downloads it in his Liverpool studio and does his thing, then uploads a finished Wav. of the mixed track.

I'm like the extra set of ears during this process, as Mat has a pair of Genelec montiors, so obviously it sounds mint.... where as I have a 5.1 system and the apple Sound Sticks... which I find are great ways of hearing how the mix will sound on standard systems. Its always good to check a mix on a 5.1 system, as it can highlight any strange phasing or over reverb issues. If its a good stereo mix then 60 to 80% of the sound will appear in the centre speaker, with just a few bits of panned audio appearing on the L,R and surround.

Anyhow, so thats one thing thats been (and is) going on. We also have a few production jobs that we are developing, plus awaiting the titiles for our 'making of' YouTube ScreenCast series which we are hoping to get online sometime next week.

I'll post soon.... AndyC


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