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Hi Everyone,

Very good news: Dylan's breathing tube was removed today. So far so good, he's strong enough breathing on his own.

The lung Xray of today showed marked improvement from yesterday's (saw it with my own eyes). The nutrition tube remains. Allowed one or two sips of water about every hour.

It was something to walk into the room, him awake and greeting me.

One thing I did was to show him the date of today's newspaper, slowly pointing out that he'd been asleep since July 3rd.

It will take time for him to understand; more so because he's now going through withdrawal from morphine and versed which are heavy narcotics. They're doing a good job keeping him comfortable - methadone is an option to combat some effects of withdrawal, but cannot remove we are told, all jitters and hallucinations. (It's hard...yet he is sweet and longsuffering thru all).

We are told it could take three to seven days for him to really connect with reality.

The PT person was wonderful; while with him, she did proably 95% of the work of the most cursory movements, w/ each of his limbs. So kind & patient while getting the job done. She told him to close his eyes when one awful vision appeared; she "blocked" with her own body another, when it appeared.

They will try to get him sitting a bit tomorrow. Nothing saps the strength (Dr. Hahn said) like lying in bed asleep for 8 days.

Deo Gratias...for solid strides,

And for all of you.



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