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Facing The Truth


To anyone who bothers to read this stuff, I am finally admitting something to myself. I am no longer a songwriter.

Admitting something that I've pretty much known for over a year is not something that is all that hard. I haven't written and recorded anything from start to finish since 2004. It's gone, and I know it. I no longer wish something would "come to me" nor do I care whether I find time in my studio. If I do anything involving music from here on out it will be to help the younger folks in my area.

I have a new love and that is photography. Rather than losing myself in song down in my small studio, I now lose myself in Mother Nature's great art studio outdoors. Maybe this new love will wear off in time, but I doubt it. I am having successes (my photo's being used in print) that I never thought possible and I have many people who like and appreciate my newfound craft.

I also found it very frustrating when people new to this site would ask questions and more often than not I could not answer or help in any way. In photography, for some reason, I find that I can help. I'm not sure why, but I am managing to come up with some good stuff even though I am working with entry level equipment, and barely entry level at that! It makes me feel very, very good when someone likes one of my shots. More than it ever did with my music.

Anyway, I am hoping I can still help out now and then, an I hope I'm still part of the Songstuff family, but I'm not going to make it a big part of my life. I am moving from the audio to the visual. I don't know, but I think when I gave up smoking and drinking, the world became much more interesting to me.

They say to stop and smell the roses. I agree, but I plan on not only breathing in life, but recording it the way my eye sees fit.



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I know I bust on ya about this stuff and your absense in music. I really want to tell you that I respect your decisions, even though I think your music is the greatest on the internet. I'm not kidding when I say that you are the reason I began writing again. Perhaps in some weird way, I'm supposed to carry on where you left off, even though IMHO my stuff is nowhere near as good as yours in content or recording quality.

What I really want to say is "Thank You", not only for your wonderful music, but inspiring me to return to the hobby I always have loved and love even more now. I have also met a great many other friends on the net who I can share this hobby with. I am getting a great deal of fulfillment from it, and it all started with you.

It's sad, but if you just don't have music in you anymore, you don't have it anymore and no amount of prodding from me or anybody else is going to change your mind.

I wish you all the best success in photography and all the happiness in it. I would encourage you to keep your gear, though. You never know. The music bug may start biting you again someday. :)

All the Best;

John Bowen :)

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