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Always Hope


(Intro- talking)

I have ups and downs, pretty f*cked up mood swings, I'm goin' crazy and this is my rap.

(1st Verse)

I can rap but I'm not a rapper, I'm a lyricist fightin' off demonic attackers/and if Satan joins in and tries to face me, I'll destroy him and make a bigger mess of that ugly face his mother made for him, a metal mace slammed into his brain/ demons beware 'coz when I get enraged I'm a burning flame holding a blazing cane ready for a gladiator game that could scar anyones brain/sanity becoming insane, and gettin' locked in a room all alone, but hey at least it's comfy in there, so soft and spongey and the nice doctor gives you a very nice jacket that lets you cuddle yourself/this is my reality, logic made usin' complete insanity, coz it works in my world and if you don't f*ckin like it you can go away and cry like a lost little girl/but I'm not as mad as a hatter, I am about as sure of myself as we are about Lady GaGas gender though/I can't tell if it's a bloke or a ho, do you like my flow?/sorry if any of this is too controversial, I just can't help being me as you can probably now see/look at me, wicked me, wanting a longer verse/ but if I don't let the chorus start soon I think I'll die/never mind the nurse, fetch me a f*ckin' hearse and a pyromaniac pony to keep my fire burning so it can bring me back to life at my funeral/maybe that's a good business idea, bringing humour to such a dark and depressing communal.

(Chorus- female singing)

Sometimes I think you're so happy.Sometimes I think you're so sad.And sometimes I think you don't even care at all about me oh oh oh oh. You need to snap out of your false reality, your sanity's at stake. And you can't keep feelin' this pain on your own.Because one day you'll fall, without a trace, today may be the last time I get to see your smiling face oh oh oh oh.

(Second verse- female voice in brackets)

(It's time to be serious)Such harsh words said to me day after day, how can this be?/maybe it's 'coz they're all jealous of my talent and the man I'm gonna be, I bet I'm the guy they all want to be/but actually in reality I'm nothing special, a sinking vessel, what once kept me afloat is pushing me under black waters of sorrow/and despite this I fight on, I tackle the waves and climb on to land, in the light I now stand and I see clearly again/so I have now come to understand that I have major mood swings, when I'm happy I'm mad and when I'm sad I'm drowning/and if you say I'm clowning you can think again, you can sit on your backside for hours on end, and think about what you said, f*ckin' lay some eggs/somehow I need to avoid being pushed off this ledge, I can't fall to my death, I won't let this be the end/even though there's no knowing what's round the corner, round the bend, I'll break through lifes boulders/an army of soldiers couldn't stop me, I'd knock 'em out, they'd scream and shout, stomp about, and moan and pout(stay strong, don't let me down)/I don't want to let down those that care so I meet evils stare to show my strength, failure is never an option for me/but how can I cope when I have no direction?How can I live my life without having an idea of where I should begin?/I'm like a grenade without a pin, a choir without a hym/I'm like winter without cold, like a car without a road, like a pirate without gold, like a body without a soul.


(Outro- talking)

So what should I do?I can't see an end to my pain and it's drivin' me insane, but at least there's always hope.


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