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Talkin', Swearin', Spellin'


talking, swearing, spelling, flowning away

ya keep me say by this hip lines rewrite defines to count lines by lined out signs

- enemies were fine in fatasy

so we greet our mornings thru these neverending stories closing up on suns,

by blurring these shades of guns you cant see - me - be where you can fleet,

cause i take thee at thy words, no sotorylines deferred,

as for a gurgling voice moulding the choices of your soul's beings to unfold shieldings,

wielding words tab healing scenes of the essence of the rethorical correctness in immense sentences

set this to your own word flo to grow under the skies none thought clouds as lies

more like the hip sighs running the spines of childs memories

of build by underlying dreams certanity was clear when kept,

but then slipped through their pidgeonholes of inner goals of dept

deressed the fantasy to minus, to recite us to numbers in plus, churning the unified minds

to these eyes with dazed insights [...]

so back to the story cause thats what the sighs stood for now, no, how goes the holy glory of you,

christianity, have you been f*cked wit from the startling breaks of families

and wrong intepretations sucked up by tongues in greeds, developing you living fiends

to their needs by their creeds? have your symbols swallowed themselves to meaning of means and what was never meant to be me

- and you - for the clue of the thruths, rebelling on youth who keeps underlining the misspelling through

the masquerades of whose eyes never fainted, only fainted lies, fainted stories wit fainted rhymes,

so if fainting is the keyword for all correctness in visionary files,

let the landmines strike those who diserves both prison wit vary of minds, and busy talk dressed to the nines

i - was talking to myself before shells exposed themselves

i - dwelled in hell to pupate myself to glowing red cells

- i - now passify outlines to talked rights and walked wrigts mingled this to demise

pete rock - hip 2 hip


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