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  1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of LYNZEE… ****** ORDER your copies of LYNZEE's three new albums available at Retrospect Records NOW. In celebration of our Retrospect Records FIRST THREE big releases of this year we bring to you the “Lynzee Combo Pack”. You can get all three of the new Lynzee releases: 1. “Victim of Nirvana” (the Two Cover Edition) 2. “Man of the People” 3. “Lost in America” (includes FOUR all new recordings from the reformed line-up) PLUS your FREE Limited Edition Retrospect Records “Victim of Nirvana” T-Shirt.<br> ALL four (4) Lynzee items for one low price of $30.00 Hurry and place your order NOW as quantities are limited Click on the LINK below to order your copies...NOW! THE LYNZEE COMBO PACK SPECIAL Bursting onto the Southern California metal scene in the 1980's Lynzee hit the Hollywood strip performing at many of the legendary strip clubs and regional nightclubs throughout California. Lynzee offered up a serious serving of In Your Face Arena Rock, progressive grooves with Metal and Rock roots influenced by the masters; The Scorpions, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, KISS, Dokken, Y&T, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Hurricane, Alcatrazz and Van Halen to name a few. Lynzee had Metal to spare and more. Lynzee played with many of the Big bands and Hollywood Strip headliners from the Decade of Decadence and was a staple of the Hollywood Strip scene. Melodic Metal, Meaningful lyrics, Ripping guitar, catchy riffs, soaring guitar solos, MONSTER musicians and Classic Kick Ass Rock n Roll. www.retrospectrecords.com
  2. LYNZEE Release date January 1st 2010 from RETROSPECT RECORDS ORDER your copies of LYNZEE's three new albums available at Retrospect Records January 1st 2010: 1. Victim of Nirvana 2. Man of the People 3. Lost in America *Check for the special offer on the purchase of ALL three Lynzee titles.* Click on the LINK below to visit the Retrospect Records site and order your copies...NOW! LYNZEE COMBO PACK RETROSPECT RECORDS Thanks for the support more news to follow!!! PLEASE be sure to check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITES: www.myspace.com/lynzeetheband www.lynzee.net www.myspace.com/lynzeeeast www.myspace.com/lynzeecybersquad www.retrospectrecords.com
  3. LynzeeAlive

    Victim of Nirvana

    1990 LYNZEE Lost Recordings, 2003 Darknight Entertainment Limited Release. NEW 2009 Relelease with unreleased tracks from Retrospect Records
  4. DON'T BE SHOCKED... The NEW Double Album Cover for the Lynzee 2009 Retrospect Records release is revealed: Sure to cause a stir Retrospect Records has revealed the 2009 DOUBLE cover for the Lynzee Album release "Victim of Nirvana". This album will be issued with TWO different covers and will be available at www.retrospectrecords.com Be Sure to Check Out the Official Sites: http://www.lynzee.net http://www.myspace.com/lynzeetheband http://www.myspace.com/lynzeeeast http://www.myspace.com/lynzeecybersquad http://www.retrospectrecords.com
  5. Its OFFICIAL Lynzee will be Releasing FOUR albums through RETROSPECT RECORDS www.retrospectrecords.com in 2009. 1st The ULTRA Rare: Victim of Nirvana from 1989-90, 2nd Man of the People from 1992-90. BOTH featuring ALL the classic Lynzee tunes from the Heyday of the ..Hollywood.. strip with BONUS tracks that have never seen the light of day. The 3rd will be a real treat it features the 1st two Lynzee Demos and NEVER BEFORE HEARD Lynzee songs from 1986-88. ALL Remastered & Repackaged. Top it off with a BRAND NEW release entitled "Here Before" featuring tunes from the 1996- present line-up! Thanks for the support more news to follow!!! PLEASE be sure to check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITES www.myspace.com/lynzeetheband www.lynzee.net www.myspace.com/lynzeeeast www.myspace.com/lynzeecybersquad
  6. LynzeeAlive


    1989-90 LYNZEE Compilation of LYNZEES 1st 2 demos, 2003 Darknight Entertainment Limited Release.
  7. LynzeeAlive

    Man of the People

    1992 Caprice International LYNZEE release.
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