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  1. Hello, Welcome to the Garritan Interactive PRINCIPLES OF ORCHESTRATION by Rimsky-Korsakov..... http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=77 It's free, and you find a lot of information about melody, harmony, composition and naturally orchestration Discussion about.... how to arrange pop-orchestration Traditional Theory Books Recommendation Choral/Vocal instruction how to compose a counter melody etc... etc... I recommand this course Carlos They just start this one.... EXPLORING JAZZ ARRANGING http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=107
  2. Hi Steve... Glad to meet you Carlos
  3. Ossia


    Hi April Glad to meet you ! Carlos
  4. Ossia

    Hello !

    Hi John, I just started to work on the foundation last Thursday. At the same time, there is, so much to read and hear, on Songstuff. I'm working on that ..... Of course, I accept your collaboration Nightwolf ! Thank you A+ Carlos
  5. Ossia

    Hello !

    Sorry Rudi ! You should have read Rudi and not Ruby. Thank you Steve to point out. Carlos
  6. Ossia

    Hello !

    Hi Musicthom Glad to meet you !
  7. Ossia

    Hello !

    Hello, Thank you Ruby for your proposition, and thank you John, Steve and thelevellers. I work on a project that I started to develop approximately 2 years ago.... -Getting Out Of The Darkness- For the first song, of which I need lyrics, Is the history of young children who are abused by multinationals in certain countries. It's a Rock style --- Like U2, Pink Floyd etc....(It's my influence for this piece) BPM... 65 to 75 (That will depend on the flow of the text) Let's talk about the story............... Children of cotton (It's not the title,and not a sugestion) More particularly in India, over there, there are children from 12 to 17 years which work in the cotton fields. The work conditions are terrible, they use poison in the fields as weedkiller. This weedkiller which is provided by Turquis was withdrawn from the market in the years 1980 But they sell this poison over there, they removed the pictograms on the bottles, and the recommendations are not translated in their language. More precisely people who make the war uses this product to manufacture bombs chemical In the factories where cotton is transformed into clothing, the children are exposed to the chemicals. One of worst, the chlorine, which burns their eyes and quietly, they become blind. These children are placed and nourished at the factory, a wardrobe of eight square feet can lodge from 3 to 5 children In 2007, there are 6 times more children who suffer from cancer than there was in 2002, and all are caused by the products carcinogen used in the fields and these factories of transformation. Each morning a train passes, from village in village, it goes to the city, where there are the hospitals. People over there call this train, the train of death the first which arrives will be the first... chemotherapy radiotherapy And for sickest, they are lodged on the last floor where they die slowly without their family Doctors over there, cry with the murders! For the arrangement..........(I can imagine) The song start with a bed of synth (Pad from a 1982 Memorymoog) Maybe a little bit of the 1998 Etherwave Theremin And in far left of the scene - A woman who improvise acapella without any words. Just humming Ahh---Hoo Probably the mother of one of those chidren. The intro will follow with acoustic guitar (picking) and soft piano chords, with the bed of synth Chords will be easy to play.... at this part of the song Gradualy, electric guitar, bass and drum will follow The form of the piece can-being Intro - Verse 1-2 -Chorus- Verses 3-4 -Chorus - Bridge and the final part (CODA) All is debatable, its why i need your help If you believe that you can make the lyrics for this song, do not hesitate let me know I love you ! Carlos
  8. Hello, Ok, I dont speak english very well so...... let me introduce my self This forum is a gift to my heart, imagine, 30 years waiting this moment. A lot of gifted people, exchange their experience and talent. (ouf ! I hope my english is not too bad) Composing lyrics, it's not my daily bread (Please do not laugh) But what I can do better is composing music Have a question... Is it possible for me to use one of your text and put music on it. I would like to accept your comment ! (I will post a mp3) Thank you very much Carlos
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