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    ive just started writing songs, but cant play instruments so i just do lyrics and melody

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  1. Hi, I'm so confused.. I like to write songs and by that i mean i write lyrics but i also make up the melody and sing them (you can hear some of the songs i've written HERE) but i don't really know where to go from here... I don't want to be famous, i just want artists to use my songs. I'm not the most talented songwriter i know, but i think my songs have potential if they had good production behind them? How would i get artists to use them? I don't understand all this publication stuff, how do i find a publisher? would it be worth me paying a producer to professionally record these songs with music? (maybe then people will take more notice, and realise potential more?) I just don't really understand how the industry works. I've looked over the internet for hours but it's not really written in black and white anywhere... so can anyone who's had success give me any help? Thanks
  2. oh cool thanks, ive just seen the collaboration section so ill leave a post in there, cheers. i quite want a free software thing though just for the fun of it, do you know of a good one?
  3. I'm new to the whole songwriting thing, but i would really like to get like backing tracks for the songs i've written, so i was wondering how i would do that.. i dont play any instruments and although music production interests me i have no software that will do it, and no money to buy any! lol... any idea (sorry this is probably posted in the wrong section but i didnt really know where to put it)
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