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  1. I tried again but it says that my files are to large (larger than 1K). I'll just get some free webspace I guess.
  2. I'm looking for a good book on music theory that teaches how to integrate the abstract knowledge of music theory (e.g. which chords sound good when played in succession) into how to actually write the notes for instruments (e.g. how to write the chords for a four-piece rock band; which instruments work together to create the chords). Anyone know of any books like this? The books I've seen so far are too abstract.
  3. I've tried my hand at writing music using what little experience I have using the freeware music creation program Anvil Studio. I tried a few days ago uploading a midi file of some of my music so that I could have users look at the notes and see if I was on the right track but I got an error message.
  4. From what I understand of power chords, they are perfect fifths used in rock music (e.g. a C and a G played together at the same time). Could someone explain them in more detail?
  5. If I were to write for a four piece band (lead vocals, lead guitar rhythm guitar, bass, and drums) how would this differ from writing for a three piece band (one with no rhythm guitar). I know the basic components of popular songwriting (e.g. lyrics, melody, chords, rhythm) but I don't know very well how to integrate what I know into writing the music for the different instruments. For example I don't really know how to write a bassline or how to write chords for a three or four-piece band. Does one instrument play the chords or are the notes of the chords played across multiple instruments.
  6. Also I need to know which instrument is responsible for playing the chords. Thanks for the advice btw.
  7. Say that I wanted to write a rock song for a band consisting of a lead singer/lead guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. As I said in my intro, I have had virtually no formal musical training, but I have lots of song ideas floating around my head. What I want to know is what the role of each of these instruments is: 1. I know that the singer will sing the lead melody. 2. I know that the lead guitarist will perform a riff to accompany the lead melody. 3. I don't know what role the bassist has in the music. I need to know what kind of notes the bassist should play. 4. I have a general idea of what the drummer should do, but I need to know what drums on the drum kit are played when. For example, when in a song is the bass drum played or when in a song is the hi-hat played. Please bear with me. I really want to write songs but I just haven't had any real training.
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