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  1. Would appreciate some.feed back please. Just something Ibe been working on the last while would like to know if it's worth, doing something with? Cheers
  2. Don't wana be a slave to the system il resist them grab a smith and Weston citizen arrest them f*ck the powers that be let me be me I want to be free motivation is key won't let them keep me down chained up in shackles rather move with the underground 9-5 go f*ck yourself I'd rather rob banks than stack a f*cking shelf. Why should we be the worker bees to fund the lavish lifestyles of the "elite" aristocracy its a mockery bust them over the head with homemade crockery I've got empty pockets me but it doesn't matter son cause I've got knowledge in my brain and venom on my tongue constant propaganda dumbing down the brain making people vain driving me insane if I ever achieved fame I bet they'd try make me keep it tame media would dirty my name claim I'm not in my right mind frame but its clearer than it's ever been I wana roll up on the scene like dream McLean f*ck the in between while I'm at it f*ck the queen... Royalty? what a f*ckin joke pitty the Houses of Parliament didn't go up in smoke and let them all choke on their meaningless words which provoke and cause friction between us we're all from Mars none of us from Venus I need to write my affliction it's become an addiction it's not perfect but it's fact not fiction had to leave the kitchen where I was a porter I'm more like a poor per I need to get funds so I can be free from this torture really had a scare nearly could have had a daughter or a son wouldn't that be fun until they grow up and see how that things are run but that's another story this was just a teaser... I never had a silver spoon I wouldn't want one either rather be in the slums with poets preachers and teachers wearing sneakers then among creatures with features so far removed they've become God like in the eyes of the weak who watch what they do and copy how they speak if your not the same your regarded a freak? Shits deep Upper class and royalty are bound to our money through the government's loyalty. Where is democracy when people still pay currency through hard work to an ancient monarchy? f*ck the government and f*ck the system send them to war start to enlist them. Playing war games.... in your name.... to claim lives with no shame. Cause money is power except when you get paid cash by the hour a minimum wage your trapped in a subliminal cage we are in an age filled with cynical rage I'm sick of it all we were sold a lie Cause the systems a joke and so am I when we are here to make money pay bills and die.
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