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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. What is it with this MCPS thing? I understand their operation and what they do, they are just a collection society that dish out licences to third parties who wish to use, copy, or publish another copyright holders property, They recieve payment, they take their cut and forward the proceeds to the copyright holder (hence the mechanical royalties). I contacted MCPS directly and spoke to one of their personnel, they explained all and i understud all. They protect your work so nobody can use it without you getting paid for it. But where i think your misunderstanding me Lazz, is that i'm not talking about potential infringers trying to use my work without me knowing about it, i'm talking exsclusively! about authorship in that somebody may claim that my work is their work and if that ever was the case, i don't think MCPS would stand by my side in court and plead out my case over authorship of copyright, hence the reason for having additional witnesses to prove authorship of copyright, that being the (UKCS) or (CRS) copyright registration services. I understand the traditional method is to address the copyright to yourself through the national post, but as i've already said.. what is wrong with having additional witnesses to authenticate ownership of copyright anyway? I continue to seek advice on many forums Lazzy! This is just one of them... Musicmad
  3. Your replies are helpful and appreciated, but i've read on many websites that registering a copyright gives the copyright holder a stronger case of evidence should there be a dispute.. over authorship.. whereas just mailing the work to yourself may not even be accepted by a lawyer if the copyright was not registered with an official body, (extra witnesses etc.) hence the registration services... Sure i understand these registration companies are out to make a dollar.. but if the above is correct with such lawyers, then i don t mind paying the extra few dollars to protect my work. Whats wrong with having additional witnesses to authenticate my ownership of copyright anyway?? Mm
  4. Hi, i'm looking to register my copyright for additional protection should any infringer try to rob me?? so far i've found two in the uk, (UKCS) copyright service, and the (intellectual property rights office copyright registration service) just for verification, is anyone on this site registered with these companies??? just so i know i'm going to the right place Thanks Musicmad
  5. Finn, Thanks for all your information and good luck on your musical quest... Musicmad
  6. (1) But when you pay $500 a year to (GS1) for your registration, do thay then provide you with as many barcods as you want, in that year??? (2) if i us your barcode or register for my own, whats the difference??? Mm
  7. Hi Lazz, i was just thinking barcodes where only ment for albums in retail stores so thay could scan the barcode and order more of those albums when its out of stock??? but as i said, i dont imagine my album making it to the retail stores but only throught distribution sites on the internet, anyway, thanks for your information... Cheers Musicmad
  8. Hi FinnArild, i'm pretty new to all this barcode senario, but what you mean is that you pay $500 a year to keep registerd and in that year GS1 will provide you with as many barcodes as you want??? when you sell off your barcode to other projects does that mean there albums will be identified under your! registration??? whats the score there??? i will be selling my album throught distribution sites, CD baby, itunes, amazon, and my own website etc, i dont imagine my album will be making it to the retail stores, but only throught distribution on the internet, so is it safe??? to use sombody else's barcode??? Musicmad
  9. Hi, when going to a manufacturer to get CDS made, do thay normally offer you a barcode??? if not, how do i get one??? how much do thay cost??? Thanks Musicmad
  10. Hi thelevellers, Thanks for your reply. but once again, if i where to be selling my own cds on places like itunes, cd baby, or even my own website, i dont need a record label to make this happen, am i right???
  11. So what your saying is, if i was selling my own cds from itunes, cd baby, or even my own website, i don't need to have a record label??? if i did have one, what would be the benefit Mm
  12. Thanks! for your reply, but nothing was said about the record label, again! what is one?? do i need one?? what are thay for? Musicmad
  13. Hi tgrover, thanks for your feedback, 1: when you mention about registering with itunes / or if i wanted, i could sell my album as a real product, do you mean that itunes only distribute digital downloads of artists music??, whereas cd baby offers a real product such as a physical cd??. 2: On needing a record label to sell my music on publishing sites like cd baby, itunes, Rhapsody etc, is it absolutely necessary for me to have my own record label??? what does a record label stand for anyway!, is it just a business name??? why do i need one??? Thanks Musicmad
  14. Hi Lazz, thanks for your reply, i live in the Canary islands, on the island of tenerife, near the city of santa cruz, but i live in the hills.. Mm
  15. Hi john, thanks again, how would i find these members on the forum to chat with, any links??? Mm
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