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  1. PP, I can't find the original of Rendevous that you requested. Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. Can you work on the latest iteration I sent you?


    1. Islandwriter

      Hi, PP. i have cousins all over Scotland, Ireland and some in Wales with my same name. It's a pic of me holding my guitar at a recent performance.  My timeline pic is a fallen angel. See if this gets you there. https://www.facebook.com/CelticGuitar


      Can you give me yours again?


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  2. Hi David, I was just checking out the lyrics you mentioned you wanted suggestions on from Nov. 16.  There didn't seem to be any place to reply to them on that forum, so that's why I'm here.  I was wondering what your envisioned tempo and genre were for this song.  What I might suggest (because you asked, not because I see issues at all with what you have), is this:  I think it would be pretty cool to use "Rendezvous" as the name of a place, a town or city.  You might have to tweek one of your verses a bit to get the idea of it, but your chorus set-up works for both "ideas" if you wanted to jump from the idea of a meeting in one verse to a city/town/place in another.  Just an idea.  

    1. Islandwriter

      Glad to hear from you again. Indeed, I feel the need for help with this set of lyrics. Why, well, right now it's ineffable. 

      I love the idea of making it the name of a town/place. I have it out and I'm reading it. Do you have some specific suggestions to help? And if it would be easier for you as it would for me, may we work on this via regular email? Mine is islandwriter1948@gmail.com. Maybe this song could be a collaboration.



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  3. Can someone help me know how to use this site? 

    1. Islandwriter

      Hi, Dani. I wanted to talk about your lyrics but can't find where to do so. Sorry.


      PM me if you want to talk more off the forum.

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