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  1. Hello there! Glad you signed up Enjoy!
  2. I'll guess i'll just welcome you and nevermind what you've said. Welcome!
  3. Selecting the correct software package(s) is vital for the production of good artwork. A good eye for balance, an artists imagination and the attention to detail are obviously equally important. Over the years many customers have brought us ‘masterpieces’ which have taken many hour of hard work to produce and they have been totally unsuitable. To produce a 6 panel 1/3 A4 folded leaflet with accurate margins and gutters etc in a package such as Microsoft Word or a give a way package from your latest cereal packet is virtually impossible! I hate to see people become stressed and waste valuable time by using the wrong package. Do some research and speak to others before making a decision.
  4. I think it's wrong to put Cubase and Nuendo in the same line. There is Cubase SE/LE (which a lot of us receive actually for free with some audio interfaces) and there is SL and SX, which probably the most of "Cubase users" do use. On the other hand you have Nuendo which is used by a small fraction of Steinberg customers which work sound for the video/film industry or even mastering. For accurate results you should separate them.
  5. Willing to do any to please someone you love. Rather it be embarassing yourself, or being extremely romantic.
  6. Right out of the box, it’s ready to spin as many spider webs as you need! Cobweb guns make great looking cobwebs for both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorating.
  7. Are you looking for a Manager to take your music career to the next level? Well, here is a music industry list of artist managers courtesy of Artist Management Online. Remember if your music isn’t up to par don’t contact anyone yet as first impressions are everything. Also, be professional and persistent – without being a pest… Good Luck!
  8. I can’t believe how accurate this was... Word for word. I never felt so understood. I thought I was the only one of my kind.
  9. So, this is like word association, but with song titles. Someone says a song title, then the next person says another song title with one of the words from the first one, e.g.P1: A Song - A. SingerP2: Song About You - Ann ArtistI'll start.Should've Said No - Taylor Swift
  10. Get people who already watch YouTube to watch your videos. While your family and close friends will watch and support you, the bulk of your YouTube channel will be from people around the world who you’ve never met. You have to target the community already existing within YouTube. The more you watch other YouTubers, the more you’ll realize how addicted people get to YouTube – and you will probably turn into one of these people, just like we did.
  11. Singles can make or break artists can and shape long-term reputations. Yet I don't know much about how singles are chosen, and I bet neither do most people. I heard members of Daughtry discuss a little about it on a countdown show, basically saying they prefer their more adventurous songs be singles, but executives veto that in favor of more typical Daughtry (and hence people like me who only know the band's music by its singles think the songs are too similar and bland).Record label executives meet and talk about possible singles and? I know sometimes radio station airplay is involved, and maybe powerful artists have some say. Also, I know the release dates and order can be different in foreign markets; I don't know how much of that is strategic, e.g., if it's a hit in the UK, then it will be released in the USA. Having seeing corporate-run online surveys conducted more and more, I believe that fan votes eventually will have a role in which singles are issued. In pop and rock genres, up-tempo first single followed by a ballad within six months seems to be the usual formula over the past 30 years, and obviously instrumentals and very long tracks are unlikely to be promoted. I am of the opinion that the selection process is flawed and that it's not rare for the wrong songs to be released.
  12. Im just a newbie , tho sometimes I write a song when I'm in love with someone , or do I have some good lyrics in mind that pops in =)
  13. Just make your own music and don't copy others music .
  14. I like rich harmonic content, and it really shows in the tracks I write, sometimes to the point where it gets corny. At worst people say they're way to happy and at best I get a 'fun.' When I intentionally try to write darker sounds it swings too far into the sadness zone and takes on a cheese of its own. How can I find the emotional middle ground that so much edm seems to sit in? An example of the emotional middle ground I mean is SHM's One and Greyhound. The tracks manage to be harmonically interesting without being on either extreme of the spectrum. The danceable zone.
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