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  1. Yeah I can agree with you completely, sometimes we have to make some mistakes to reach something or just understand something important in our life. So I'm glad we've resolved this issue without any problems Wow honestly I haven't expected this kind of reaction related to my music) Thank you man, I do appreciate that! It makes me closer to record the third album because of inspiration I'm feeling now! Oh I wish more people listened to my music, but time will show 😃 I just know the fact that I can create better music with a better quality, more atmoshpere sounds and so on. We'll see Thank you one more time! Oh that's great and by the way yes, as far as genres I listen to can be also different. For instance I'm currently listening to music in 80's style and it makes me really inspired despite the fact that I prefer to listen to heavy music like hard techno, rock, hardcore and so on (during workout mostly). Jazz and some other classical music is also be listened by me with great pleasure sometimes when I have suitable mood. The moment I like the topics like this one is sharing thoughts, sights and other useful points which can open up a lot of other opportunities wa usually can't see. I mean I haven't heard about Iron Maiden and Raizer who can be interesting for me and that's cool. Thanks for the sharing, I'll check it out) As for my lovely artists of electronic genre I can emphasize the one who is really good is UNKLE. Some of his projects are really great using beautiful and deep vocal with atmosphere sounds as well I'm grateful to you for such an open respond!
  2. Due to the fact that I've been doing music for about 15 years (been really close to music) means I'm really interested in what people listen to 😃 But I get it now and I understand what you mean completely ) I have to admit that my reaction was pretty rude and I'm apologize for it. On the contrary, you don't have to apologize at all. I should have understood that it was a joke. Anyway I've been really pleased that someone had reacted to this topic and that's great we're discussing it right now (and my thank to the guys above as well of course). That's amazing you've mentioned about hearing my music, that's an honor to me talking over stuff which are close to me! And that's for sure I'll be pleased if you listen to it (i'll take any reaction even if you don't like it). I can attach the link here for listening because I find it simple. Or if it doesn't work I'll take another way to share with you. There are two albums in one playlist. The first album 1-12 and the second 13-27 Hope you'll like it but I don't expect it though ahah
  3. Sounds interesting. I think I'll listen to some of them ) Thanks for the comment!
  4. That's true classical is always great and we can't deny this fact. I even tried to connect some classical intruments with modern stuff because it really can sound suitable
  5. ahah what? You're really serious man? lol "click like" THE PLAYLIST, not the comment ahha omg. I thought there wasn't any point to clarify because it goes without saying about clicking like the playlist ahah
  6. Hello, I'm Andrey and I'm a musician named IHOS. I was wondering what kind of music do you prefer to listen to? I've been into music for since I remember myself and I've got plenty of music producers (various genres) I enjoy listening to. So I find it pretty interesting if we share our favorite genres and music producers we love so that we could know something new for each of us, couldn't we? ) By the way if you're interested in Hard Techno genre, I collect great ones into my Spotify Playlists (the link is HERE). There are over 100 powerful tracks 😃 Click Like for a chance to listen to the latest tracks I will add 😃 That's not an AD or something, just in case maybe you'll really like it, why not 😃 Anyway I'll be waiting for the discussion about all this stuff. That's pretty interesting to know) Have a good day to all of you!
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