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  1. I agree with you GJ. He’s definitely underrated, but he does have his following. Maybe because he didn’t really pioneer anything new? Is that why he doesn’t get the love he deserves? What do you think? His lyrics are excellent, and the way he set his lyrics to music is excellent too… I think he does a great job with his phrasing, lyrically and musically, unlike Elton John whose setting of lyrics is often sloppy and clumsy (hope I don’t get attacked)! Billy Joel’s “Through the Long Night” is a gem…
  2. Hi Everyone! My name is Billy and I teach elementary music in Western NY. I’m a singer and a keyboard player and have been writing songs since I was a young guy. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a knack for hearing the difference between well written songs and songs that-well, aren’t so well written… When Covid hit in 2020 I began writing songs again in earnest. I’ve got a decent repertoire of originals now and am ready to record. My biggest influences are Paul McCartney and Billy Joel. I’ve played in rock bands, jazz bands a country band and am classically trained as well. I am blessed to have had a lot of musical experiences… Just looking to see what this forum is like and to bounce compositional ideas off others. Sincerely, Bill
  3. I like the feel of your songs Tony. There’s an honesty and a purity to your music…
  4. Hey Tony, Glad you seem to have gotten past the “over thinking it” issue. Can I share the way I look at? Maybe this will help you… I use to struggle with perfectionism in my music as well. I think it may stem from lack of confidence in our musical abilities. I got over that part of it a while back-don’t remember when. I’m 56 now… As far as recording and production go, I don’t really care about perfection anymore. I strive for excellence, but not perfection. I’ve learned to let the quality of the song stand on its own. If it’s a well written song, then perfection in recording and production doesn’t really matter as much, know what I mean? Many Beatles’ songs don’t have “shimmering” studio production, but the strength of the songwriting stands on its own… So, just have fun with it! Bill
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