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  1. Per a suggestion from a friend, I sort of re-imagined this song (originally bluegrass-ish) written by The Dead South into more of a rock feel, substituting 2 guitar tracks for a cello and banjo, and multitracking the recordings. I liked the way it turned out, but I'm still working on my production skills - the balance wasnt too bad on this as it's really only 4-5 tracks. 1718245617_InHellIllBeInGoodCompanyCOVER.mp3
  2. I've been writing/recording songs for a couple of years, mostly in the rock genre as the mood strikes me. I've got about 15 songs or so (mostly finished, but certainly not polished). I build/play guitars and enjoy singing, and am in a constant state of dissatisfaction and wanting to get better. Most of what I listen to & play is some form of Rock - from 50's rockabilly through 2000's European power metal (I never got into grunge, death metal, or pop much), and I always try to add some level of wit/thought into lyrics of the songs I write. I'm not a fan of pop, rap, R&B, pop country, or anything that's been over-produced, but I definitely appreciate raw talent and hard work going into someone's music that they create. I'm hoping to get some feedback & critique on my stuff, find someone who can help record some bass/drum tracks on some songs, and hear what everyone else is working on out there. Happy to be here!
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