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  1. legallyblindguy is my stage name. All one word. And it does describe my visual condition. I'm a legally blind man. So, the idea that I had to read a whole lot of rules and privacy statements or whatever, was impossible. I kind of wish there was a voice over to speak them for me. I double as one. And if you wanted to hire one, who could take really large print blocks of whatever thing you wrote, rehearse them and then do it once over voice over, so everyone can listen who can't see really good. I'm a piano player on Spotify. I am a friendly guy, but like to have respect for myself. I'm not the greatest talker in the world, except for the fact that right now I'm dictating this to text on my android. But I'm here for conversation, and hopefully some connections. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi Sarah, I'm legallyblindguy, a Spotify piano player. Nice to meet you. Are you on Spotify, too?
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