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  1. I like your cover, I didn't know the original but your version sounds nice. I do my own songs but I have two covers on youtube as well. I like singing covers during my show and when I'm perfoming in the street I preffer doing covers of unknown or lesser-known songs and classic songs too.
  2. Thanks again.. I have one question. You all are native English speakers and I'm wondering how did you find my english accent in my song. Does it sound too exotic? I'm from Czech and my English is not perfect but I love singing in English.
  3. No hardware except tube mic preamp.. softwares are always cheaper option for me and actually I love working with plugins
  4. PS: Forgot to say that the drums were programmed using BFD2
  5. Thanks again Gabriel, I did all the recording, mixing and editing.. I also played the rhythm guitar and dubbed the vocal including all the harmonies. The other guy who plays the solo he is a famous and legendary guitarist in my country, he's my neigbhour and good friend. I use Nuendo and couple of plugins for editing and mixing. like my favourite RVox, CL76, fab filter EQ, marroquin-reverb, C4 multiband comp etc for mastering voxengo elephant limiter and SSL comp. I think for this track I only added the limiter on the master nothing else. I use Rode mic and Golden age mic which is very cheap but excelent mic made in Sweden
  6. Thank you all and specially thank you Gabriel for your suggestions... you right about the kick drum that it needs improvement a bit.. the true about this song is that I've recorded it in 2 hours. I don't record covers normally, I compose my own music and songs. Unfotunately this year there was no time for music (I work as a cook in a restaurant 12hours everyday) and any of my songs would take too much time to record, produce etc. but I wanted to do some song for Christmas, well I decided to record this extremely simple track at least. I didn't play with arrangements and so... as well the video was made in haste, edited by myself.. and the camera guy was tottaly unexperienced but I'm hapy I could do some song after long time
  7. Thank you guys.. Happy you liked my song
  8. @ there is a mistake in the topic title.. have no idea how that happened.. supposed to be only ..."my new song"
  9. Hello, I would love to share my new song with you. It's my first song after long time... Hope you will like it Merry Christmas love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDh9JnAyT28
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