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  1. I've done both first. I generally will do them simultaneously and tweak both later. As I'm writing music I am constantly singing (usually random stuff that pops into my head) just searching for a good melody. Most often a line or two (both lyrics and melody) will begin to resurface forming the emotional basis of the song and the fiddling around with melodies and harmonies in the vocal lines will often pull the songs structure or chording in a direction of its own. I think the BEST point made so far in this thread was at the beginning. The trick (if there is one) is to NOT GET TOO ATTACHED to either the lyrics or music so much that either constricts the growth of the other in the songwriting process. As a painter I liken it to painting-- You KEEP on modifying and letting it lead you until you realize you are doing more harm then good. THEN you stop.
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