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  1. Hi All, The lyrics of this song were written about The Gathering, a year long series of events that's happening in Ireland throughout 2013. The music is from an old song "My Irish Molly O" (Jean Schwartz 1905). Hope you all enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltOtPDGJraE
  2. Hey there, Awe, delighted you like it - its me singing so I will happily take that compliment - We are working on one at the moment and will let you know when complete. Thanks again Orla x
  3. Hey There, Thanks for the view, Just wanted to introduce a song, written by my Aunt in Ireland about the recession. Lovely song. Hope you enjoy. Orla
  4. Hi, I have written a song and a guy put the music to it and produced it. I also sung it. It has gone sour and just wondering does he have the right to have it played anywhere and have someone else sing it and use my words.Can he play it on the radio if he wishes, or get someone else to sing it using my words. He is no longer giving me credit for the lyrics. All i signed was a page for him to produce one copy of the song consisiting of one song - 50% of royalties to me the writer and 50% to him. But can
  5. Thanks for your advice. Appreciate that. I think he may want to release it. I may be doing other songs also. He seems to think i may get to do gigs if one of the songs is liked through a local radio station. But i am all new to this so havent got a clue if he screws me over. So is it unusual that i woukd get a % fee or do singers just get a fee up front? What then if the songs do well and he wants me to perform it elsewhere? Sorry all the questions. Appreciate your help
  6. I am singing songs for a person who is writing and producing the song and music. Do you kniw what % i should receive from the royalties if any from the song?
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