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  1. Yes, I do agree that the lyrics would definitely help and maybe act as a kind of "musical compass" for the listener, but of course we can't all depend on each listener to have a copy of the lyrics handy just in case the structure isn't obvious to them, particularly in public or if heard over the radio. Many times i have been in a situation while writing a song where i know the form and anticipate the next change but have to remind myself that it may not appear so obvious to the listener,especially the first time around. With that thought in mind i would have to say that sometimes you just have to roll the dice, so to speak, and know that you have to make it pay off. That is to say that i count on whatever overdubs i intend to use to be that sort of "musical road map". A sudden lead guitar line gliding up a scale might intentionally be used to point to the next change if in fact there were no way theoretically you could make that same line leap into the previous A major "chorus" as an example or whatever the case may be. In that situation anyone would realize that the previous chorus could never follow that point in the song and the expectation for change at that juncture would be the "do or die" stage of the game. We are either frustrated having been required to use too much of our own imagination for passive listening enjoyment to make it work or Voila, you just set the listeners mind up for a new surprise twist in the song which can , because of it's variation, truly because, give you every bit of the advantage the first chorus had when it outlined the beginning structure. Your second chance of opportunity presents itself, not as a disadvantage, if it is truly warranted, but as something to exploit musically. As i mentioned before this song has no overdubs or suggestive melodies to help foreshadow it's outcome. I would not call that a "musical crutch" to help the listener along as it is a necessity, sometimes for far more simpler pieces, while the obligatory inclusion of lyrics most definitely would be a"crutch." Right now i'm fairly certain that if i include the lyrics for that purpose then i would only hamper the listener's chance to figure it out for themselves. If the overdubs or absence of overdubs are accounted for i don't think we need to rely on any lyrical road maps to find our way. Of Course you must know that i intend to prove that with my next update of this recording. - To address, briefly, the issue of catchiness and memories of melodies, the poll is almost a 50/50 split now on which chorus people like the most! But none, as of yet, would except the removal of either. Thank you for your thoughts and input. I hope this was as helpful to you as it has been for me.
  2. That structure is ABCDE - ABCDE. Not ABCD - ABCD and i really feel that regardless of someone's ideology on this they can't all work just because some text somewhere says it's possible. In any case they would have to hear it to know. Music, of course, being so subjective one would really have to step back and ask themselves the question," Is this valid." The proof would be found, in spite of someone's personal feelings, if people enjoyed it and improved or sustained their quality of experience through it.
  3. I apologize for not having previously added a link. This my song "Venus Rose" and an example of the ABCDE structure incorporating two different chorus's. Venus Rose.mp3
  4. I am specifically talking about a song with actually two different choruses. On the forum i mentioned previously the subject got a little heated. Some felt it was sacrilegious or something. Others had lectured about having to know the rules before you can break them and so on. I was extremely excited to read some of the more discouraging comments. For me it was inspiring. Here it is, my band's name is Euphloria and we are on reverberation, myspace, Facebook, twitter,etc. and the song is called "Venus Rose". It was literally written while it was recorded. I only edited later for arrangement's sake to find the form or scheme to read as ABCDE<ABCDE,ABCDE This is, i believe, your success story. I would love to invite anyone's opinion, i think, on this very rough demo with no additional instrumentation or overdubs. You can tell me how it works for you but for me it was an aspiration that finally and organically came to be not by possibility but thru necessity. I think this is the way it goes and what felt best. Extremely interested in any feedback anyone can offer. Thanks Mathew Martinek of Euphloria
  5. Great idea! http://www.reverbnation.com/ http://www.facebook....95633190408?sk= http://www.myspace.com/ https://twitter.com/...!/Euphloriaband
  6. I have read on another forum recently a very intriguing discussion, an argument really, about the possibility of writing a song that uses two different choruses. I realize this is not advised in the sense of commerciality, but i would be interested in any feedback anyone has. Thank you
  7. Welcome to the forums Euphloria :)

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