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  1. please help me and leave a reply! Thanks
  2. Thanks for your feedback, please have a look at my more recent post as well, that would be very helpful.Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, its really useful.
  4. Hi I’m Josh Hill, I’m 15 and I am an aspiring song writer and have been since a young age. I am currently doing a B-Tec course in Music Technology. For one of my assignments I have been asked to research an area in the Music Industry that appeals to me and write about it, I then have to write about someone who I feel has changed that area of the industry. I have chosen to write about the world of song writing and have some questions that I would be grateful if you could answer: - What education and skills do you need to become a song writer? - How do people who want a career in song writing first start out? - How do unknown or beginner songwriters sell or get their material out there? - What would the average day of a free-lance song writer consist of? - What do you think is the secret to writing a good song??? - What is the average salary of a free-lance song writer? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I would be very interested to hear any of your own experiences’ in this area. Thank you very much, Josh
  5. Hi, im Josh Hill. Im 15 and I am currently doing a cource in Music Technology which I am loving. For one of our assignments we have been told to write about a topic in the Music Industry and write about somone who you feel has changed it. I have chosen the world of songwriting as it is an interest of mine. I have also chosen to write about Ryan Tedder. .I am going to write about how how beginner songwriters set out their career. Here are some question I have which will help me write about this- - How would you say to someone that wants a career in song writing to go upon selling their material? - How do you sell your material to other artists? - Do you have any tips on how to be succesful in this area? ( I do have some more but I dont want to overload you with questions) Please do give you answers, the more the better and would be ver greatful! . Thanks for you time. Josh
  6. Welcome to the forums musicguy14 :)

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