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  1. So I ever-so-generously received a 2015 Gibson SG Special yesterday in a 60's goldenrod case, which I unexpected (since I had originally asked for a 2014 SG Standard). Long story short, I plug it into my Randall half stack and strum a G power chord. While it gave me a AC/DC kind of vibe, which I don't mind at all, as I continued playing I didn't like the tone when it came to playing some of my punk compositions or Offspring covers. The 61' Zebra pickups, from the D string down, sound too mellow, regardless of me having it in the bridge, neck or a combination of both. It lacks that punchy feeling I'm used to on my Ibanez, which employs DiMarzio/Seymour Duncan pickups. What pickups would fellow guitar users suggest I look into that are decently priced, but still give me a raw, Offspring-like sound? Stylistically its the Heritage Cherry version, and the pickups are gold-white. Black pickups would probably not look too out of place. What would you guys suggest? Be specific as possible, I'm a newbie to this type of stuff. Thanks.
  2. So, since I've been told I have a odd, tenor voice in a positive light, only one in a negative light, I want to know if there is a higher chance of vocalists with a odd kind of timbre being successful? Is it not or is it a coincidence that the list of vocalists below made it even with a voice that's not necessary the voice of a Angel? Geddy Lee (Must I have to say it...Rush) Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) Tim Armstrong (Rancid) Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses) Dexter Holland (Offspring) Brian Johnson (AC/DC) Greg Grffin (Bad Religion) Serj Tankian (System Of A Down/Solo Artist) Something tells me the A&R's look out for a different type of timbre. Let me know what you think.
  3. Okay sooooooo...... What should do to remedy the issue? I don't have money to get like 3-4 different guitars, let alone guitar strings.
  4. So something really odd has been happening when I tune my guitar. Normally strings snap because they are tightened too tightly BUT my high E string, including the one I applied that's less than a month old, snapped today when tuning down to a D. Why is this happening?
  5. A couple things work in my favor. 1. I have a unique voice and style. While I don't like hearing it, it could work in my favor. 2. I can shred on the synth. Controversy can be a good or bad thing, and it can destroy or work in your favor. Look at Marilyn Manson, highly controversial but it has worked in his favor. Or how about Ted Nugent? His controversial political views have gotten him a visit from the Secret Service. I have done a fair amount of research on what John has said. As I told my dad, a little controversy in life never hurts. Luckily, the days of sending in a CD and hoping a A&R listens to it are over (some labels still request this, like Metal Blade) and many are much more open than they were a couple decades ago. You email your demo, which usually is requested to be a Facebook or SoundCloud page no MP3's or attachments. They must be weary of viruses. As some musician friends have told me, and I have come to the sobering conclusion to believe it, that you make much more moola in concert sales than you ever do CD sales, let alone digital sales. Don't necessarily tell yourself that Just or you'll be led to believe it. Living is better than believing. In addition, YouTube has also become a excellent promotional source. That's how that Bieber guy started (luckily he's retiring) along with a couple other artists. Those who work hard for it truly deserve the fame and fortune, not those who have the easy way in. YouTube also has a monetary option, which you could profit off of. Millions would work wonders for me. Get me all the synthesizers, both vintage and modern that I've ever wanted, buy a twenty million dollar home in Southern Cali, explore the world in touring, everything my dad unfortunately has not been able to do because of being a middle class citizen.
  6. At times I believe you have to be a band from the 90's just to get any publicity. I have always thought maybe we're going through another phase like we did in the 70s and 80s before shit got real. You had the pop divas and the synth fanatics reeking up the airwaves, while good wholesome stuff like Slayer and Metallica were in the crackpot. That's much like today, with Miley Cyrus and Skrillex. Problem is, its a monster revisited with a bigger, more nauseating recipe for disaster. You have more computer based technology than you did back then as well as the meteor showers of rap that weren't so potent in the 70s and 80s. Consider music the Mushroom Kingdom then Bowser (Eminem) comes in and causes havoc. Mario (us) isn't able to foil Bowser's plot because there isn't a way out visible. And with every year the kingdom becomes more and more corrupt. Maybe a Nirvana like movement will bring in some star power and defeat the beast, but it seems like for now that's a pipe dream (sigh). A new dog needs to lead the pack, take over the one that retired. Reason that hasn't happened is because I think musicians are either confused or scared to make that move. In their minds it may be too much. But I'm not, and others shouldn't either. It's time to take back what's ours and rescue the princess (talent). Edit: Actually if I can get the fortunes 50 Cent and Kanye West have, I'll be set.
  7. Band images are very important, so important at times they can make or break you. Along with the decisions you have to make in what music you'll play and what band name you will choose, you have to also consider what your image will be. Images nowadays have become more and more obscure. You got Eminem in a hoody posing with a boombox over his shoulder and Miley Cyrus posing as if she were at a Gentlemen's club. Since album art is, unfortunately making less and less of a impression, your bodies are the image. You may have to bring out a image that is shocking to stand out in today's world. And from many of the images I've seen, sex is the name of the game.
  8. Okay, maybe I'm a little ahead of myself but still. In this age of repetitive pop divas and rappers, how is one supposed to get out of the parents basement and into a mansion doing what he loves, being a rocker through and through? For the last decade it seems like rock has been avoided like the plague. The big name magazines and the labels will have nothing to do with rock musicians like myself. Sure you got all these indie bands but in the long run, you've barely left a footprint. I'm done being a hobbyist, I'm ready to be someone. But unfortunately, it seems like both execs and listeners have become blinded. It seems people rather watch Miley Cyrus act like a pole rider on her wrecking ball than recognize the beauty that is music. How is a musician in this day of age supposed to achieve the fame he deserves when the world has developed such a perverted image of what music is?
  9. You could, but often they judge you on looks and if you can sing the style they want you to sing, like a cover from Jason Aldeen and people like that. I'm not saying you couldnt make it, but its a long shot like anything else. I thought a long time ago about maybe going on Idol but I'm sure they wouldnt let me sing something from Marilyn Manson or System Of A Down. You can try though and try getting through the gatekeepers of accepting your video submission but unless youre willing to sing a Bieber song its risky. Ive seen these shows. Theyre very picky. Derik
  10. Fame inspires me, but also a want to become a part of history.
  11. djThats true and very sad. Even if we could get someone to play a piano that would be a improvement instead of hitting a button on a computer. To be blunt, we could use another Nirvana, maybe another Kiss or Marilyn Manson. Some band to give that same image that Lady Gaga uses to magnet fans to her. A shock rocker image maybe would bring some youth energy to the venues. Club managers like that very much, at least if the DJ could prove he could sing, that would be a first. Young people today are being drawn by electronic music, by music not drawn from guitars. Thats why a urgent need for more bands like again Rammstein would give rock a chance to reunite, to get back some of that gravity it had through the 70s, 80s, and 90s. A band consisting of another Richard Kruspe and Flake would be great.
  12. Ok this topic is somewhat relevant to the rock topics I have made before but this is a whole different cpnversation in itself. From when rock took the first blow to the head by Lady Gaga in 2007 to another by LMFAO in 2011 to yet again another Carly Rae Jensen in 2012, rock has been on the operating table, struggling to keep a beep going on the heart monitor. But will this year be the time? When now we don't have to worry about presidental nominations and political ads but blow the dust off that ESP in the basement and crank up the amp? According to the Tampa Bay Times, its being pointed in the right direction. You can see for yourself here: http://www.tampabay.com/features/music/will-rock-n-roll-edge-out-dance-music-in-2013/1268043 There are some hurdles detected in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2013, when Lady Gaga, Enimem, and Mariah Carey take aim and fire with new releases in this war to claim the charts. But salvation is out there, with new releases from Avenged Sevenfold, Black Sabbath, and Rob Zombie to name a few. You can take a peek at a partial list of soldiers going in for the fight here: http://loudwire.com/2013-albums/ We could use more bands like Rammstein,where they mix electronic music and rock music together. Your take?
  13. According to Billboard Top 100 this week, the band Of Monsters and Men rung in at number 32. No rock band ranked before that. It was all pop, country, and rap.
  14. Youtube is a excellent promotional tool, and I back it all the way. The only bad thing is how people can priate things off Youtube.
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