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Musician From Norway! (Youtube-Videos Included)

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Hi! I'm a 16 years old guitarist from Norway! I just wanted to say hi! This is my first post! :)

I want to show you some of my own songs (own compositions):

"Chasing Rhyhtms":



If you like my music, feel free to subscribe to my channel, "like" my music!

I would really appreciate it if you shared my music with friends, family or on your facebook!

I really want to become a professional guitarist! HELP ME! :)

- Christoffer Brandsborg

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Jag heter Fredrik and I'm from Malmo, Sweden. I'm putting together people for a record with my poetry. I never thought of a guitarist but your youtube-videos made me think. Yeah. I could use a guitar. The setting should be harp, oboe and (you?) and also some syntherzisers as a backround. The rest is my drama, ie I read my poetry. If you're interested then drop me a line at fredrik.zander@zanderette.com

I'm also in need of a guitarist for modern music. If you play the bass guitar that's very good indeed because the bass guitar is vital in modern music. I've got contact with a guy in the US that does studio work so we can collaborate using the internet. The problem is that at this point I have no money to offer; I only have my drive and amition/aspiration. Moreover I'm 43 years old but I don't mind working with a teenager; age is not important.

I'm new in the music business and at this point I'm only starting out. I can't make any promises about a professional end result; there are too many questions yet to be solved. The man in the US is the key to alot of things. I have an offer coming in for someone who has worked with Swedish idol but that is with musicians and moreover he wants money that I don't have.

As far as money is concerned I can look for scholarships but I need the people first so that there's substance when I apply for the money needed.

Please get in touch with me on fredrik.zander@zanderette.com


Kind regards

Fredrik Zander

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I got the wildest idea. There is this song that can serve as an illustration for what I mean. It would be nice to do one of my songs with 2 electric guitars interplaying this way: Search youtube for "reptile the church" and listen to the studio version. What I have in mind is one electric guitar playing a line and the other lead guitar is surfing in and out of the musical scenery. What do you think. Please get to me by fredrik.zander@zanderette.com

Yours sincerely


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