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My Biggest Inspirations.

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Hello, this isn't going to be a Lyric or Poem. The reason why I posted this here is because I'm a bit delusional and slightly retarded.

When I write, 3 styles like to flow out. The 3 styles are wrapped around my 3 biggest inspirations. I've taken tips, I've listened to countless interviews about what makes these 3 people tick, I've learned rhymeschemes, meaning, and plain story telling. I'd like to tell you a bit about my inspirations as you might find it both interesting and fun to read.

Michael "Eyedea" Larsen R.I.P. - My favorite Rapper, Rocker, Poet, Philosopher, and Person. His style is very vibrant (my favorite style of writing). He taught me how to use rhymeschemes like I never have before. Rhyme the 6th word of the 4th line with the 4th word of the 6th line. He taught me word placement, and how to think about content you want to write. I've watched countless interviews on him explaining how his writing process is. Fun Fact: He is a science Guru. He somehow (at a very young age. He's a certified prodigy.) figured out how to think beyond our normal thoughts - and use it to his advantage to write. Completely original and completely amazing.

This piece here is one of his bests, and it was a song he FEATURED on. Amazing. This shows how intricate his rhymeschemes can get.

One last thing he taught me, was to be myself. He had a hard time doing that himself, but he was learning each and every day. He also had SO much emotion when he spoke, wrote, and sang / rapped. He was incredible on stage (if only I could see him live in person :( ) and he was just as incredible in the booth. He's one of the most raw rappers / poets I've ever...ever had the privilege or reading / experiencing. It's cliche to say music / poetry saved someones life, but when I state it, I mean it. His Poetry / Music literally saved my life - He is the reason why I think me thinking the way I have over the past 19 years...is normal. It may not be, but, feeling like it is makes me a better person. And I have him to thank for that, and I wish I could tell him. But I bet he knew even without speaking a word with me.

"I've robbed myself the ability to see the mountain by focusing on the ???? who you made and telling you all about it, Now you tiptoe around careful not to awaken the problem, as long as it's asleep, call it solved. All flaws forgot.

Step within a mile you can smell the self loath,

Death of an only son down-way touch a hell helpful,

Meltdown, burn up, side to side ache-lovers,

Know each other how they feel when you imagine my face,

I heard, strangle by the money, dirty, bloody taste,

You heard, what we live to fight and f*ck another day,

Shut your eyes, butterfly and trust the skies,

I've had enough of my shit until my flight plan is justified,

I'm not sure I feel as awful as I act,

But Romeo never got his way by faking a laugh,

I'm making this puzzle one war at a time,

Yours truly, my only and beloved - falsely mine."

(Go to 2:55 to start his verse, the rest of the verses are good - though)


Slug (From Atmosphere) - Atmosphere is a band. One that likes Hip-Hop most, but does other genres (or so it sounds). Slug claims to not be a good writer (some obviously agree.) but I obviously don't. I think he's a great writer, but what makes his writing so great is the mood he sets. Certain words he uses are completely brilliant, yet simple. I've always known his style, and his was the first I started with because it was simple - to me. He writes so real, so emotional, but he can pull out the metaphors really well. The best thing I love about his writing, is he can explain life in a sentence. Then turn around and explain another life in another sentence. I'm working on this style a lot, learning the tricks and the slight of hand of this style. Using words like "Daddy, Mommy, Little girl, Little Man" (Dad, Mom, Daughter, Son) really intrigue me because it adds a sense of innocence to the sentence right away. The best song I can explain this with is "Little Man" by Atmosphere. Only going to post a few lines, not the whole song. The best way to explain his style was told by himself. He stated "I'm not a writer, but I'm a good speaker. I can argue really well and hold a dead conversation. I know how to communicate, not write." He is absolutely Humble, he knows how to write but his style is so personal it's like he's talking to you face to face. I usually don't like that style, but he pulls it off so well.

This is the first verse of "Little Man" with the song below. This has to be my favorite song, out of all my favorite artists.


Dear Jacob

I won't take up too much of you time

I know you're trying to get your video game-grind on

And that's fine

Just gimme a second to empty my face

Before I hit the road again to go and win this paper chase

I've been watching you man

I'm proud of you man

You're growing up to be the best man that you possibly can

I know you understand

Why I go out of town

I also know my days are colder when you're not around

Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be adapted to the fact

That daddy never lived inside the same shack

And sometimes I get this pain in my stomach's pit

It's what I get

I'm convinced it's my punishment

For those nights I got drunk and let go at some bar

In some city with some people I don't know

For all the times that the lines on your face

Reminded me of the days before the dagonflies escaped

It trips me out how you pick up all my traits

From the way that you spit to the fists that you make

I watch the way you try to keep your mom happy

Daddy learned that from you

You're supposed to learn that from daddy

I can't teach much when it comes to women

I drive safe and slow but don't know nothing 'bout the engine

You're doing good little man thats all I really meant

I love you

You're my best friend, thanks for listening"


Grieves - Grieves was one I found after Atmosphere and Eyedea. I didn't particularly fall in love with his music right off the bat. I listened to it, but, it wasn't incredible to me. Until I really REALLY listened to him. I understood his style. His style is completely poetic, completely Poetic. It's a Poem on a beat. He's more of a Blues-y Hip-Hop artist than a Rapper. His voice is amazing, he sings beautifully, and his writing compliments the beats his partner makes perfectly. He didn't influence me as much as Eyedea or Slug, but his music is great to listen to and really brings out my actual Poetic side. Best song to explain him is probably "Blood Poetry" he explains perfectly what you're getting into if you write passionately or because you simply have to to keep sane.

"I guess it started when the lights went out

And everybody started running round in circles tryin' to figure it out

I could feel it

Wedged in my ribs it felt freezin'

As my cold air blew out

Dance through the evening, paranormal

Slowly being called to the green

Where the ghosts gather nightly and sell the devil their dreams, I observe

Hails from the other side of the curb

Hold the concrete notepad

Scribble down my words in the limelight

This is what it's like to bleed ink

Put yo fingers in it paint me a picture of what you think

Make it beautiful and make it look like love

Make it hang from the heavens

Make it break my trust

Make it real, make it dangerous

Make it out of the rust and make it passionate and impossible to touch

It's forever, slowly resurrected from the dust

When you understand it's everything inside of you, it's us."

Conclusion: Why did I tell you all this? I'm hoping to make a few fans out of you. But also, you might notice it in some of my future writing.

When I think of a piece, I don't think of which style I'm going to use. The style just jumps out onto the page. Every once in a while I'll force a style if it fits the piece best. But a lot of times, it just flows out and it ends up being a combination of what I know between those 3 styles, and my style. I love influence.

These are my biggest 3 inspirations of writing, real life, and being completely crazy. Thank you for reading, I know it was gruesom.

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I ain't madatcha, but this seems like the more appropriate place for this topic....

Anyway, I think it's a really interesting post... I wonder how many of us are so reflective, especially so deeply reflective, about what we do and how specifically we were influenced by others.

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No problemo! :)

sorry for not being active except for my posts really. I have ideas and make them happen. I've been seriously ill for the past month, and I'm not really getting better. I'll try and be more active soon, I swear.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and it's awesome that I made a fan ^_^

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