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hi all, im Anthony , 37 from the uk, thought it was about time i should maybe share some of my writings with sombody who can sing and compose, i have been wrighting all my life but have kept it all to my self so to be honest i dont even know if im any good, so i will grab somthing now and fire it up here for you lot to rip it apart humm lets see "whos your master would make a good rap i think so here we go.


We now live in a society where we just don't care, we lock out the world almost like it wasn't there ,
we now live by the rule that we deserve to take not share, and this cant go on we must choose to care.
who is your master your god or saviour, who is the one you choose to favour, who is the one that wrights the rules, that runs your life, you stupid fools,
we are the ones that guide our life's, for we are free and by god I know im right because I was born and I have evolved, to see this world and all the corporate mould, the world has now become infested by a global elite, who's only aim is profit and we stand at their feet, we let them do what ever they want, and yet they kill millions with out a second thought,
they strip then gorge on what they steel and the media tells us that its not really real.
We are the ones who should be writing the rules, and deciding what should be taught in our schools.
we are the ones that get to say what we need and not some parasitic suited dweeb, because we are the power behind this throne so lets make them remember that we can still pick a bone, don't let them control you with their fear and lies, don't believe what they tell you through their media network of spies, because fear is the only true sword they wield and if we deprive them of that, then we give earth back its shield.



i have a lot of stuff like this and also loads of polictal stuff..... anyway be gental with me as this is the first time anyone has seen my stuff lol

nice to meet you all


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