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Back Again?

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Hi, all. I've been gone...much longer than what was planned, and I miss everyone...I hope all is well! I am going to play around in here to see what has changed and try to get reacquainted with everyone again. I love SongStuff and was a moderator. I would definitely still like to help out in some aspect after I get reaclimated.


A lot has changed since my last login. We've got a debut album out and just finished 10 more songs we're prepping for a second album. Something I really need to work on is a specific 'schedule' for social media, writing, songstuff, etc. I think this is where I went wrong when I was here before. I got overwhelmed with the schedule I had, in addition to personal life situations...I didn't know how to be flexible to make everything work. What else do I need to work on? I guess I just need someone to kick my a$$ a little to get me to create a schedule and stick with it :-)


I miss critiquing. Critiquing is fun. It not only allows you to view some great work, but it also helps you keep technicalities in mind while writing your own material. I learned a lot while I was here before, I think I've learned a lot since I've been away. While I need to monitor my time, I hope to be able to bring the two experiences together to be more helpful to the board.




P.S. It felt good just signing back in :yes: Looking forward to catching up with people and what everyone else has been up to!

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