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How Much Tweaking Do You Do?

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No, not twerking that I'd rather not know.


I spent 3 hours yesterday with one plugin trying to get usable sounds out of it that weren't the presets.  The plugin was an ME80 which is based on the Yamaha CS80.  In short I'm not a tweaker. Usually I'll bring up a preset and leave it at that.

I never spend that much time carving up tones, Which is prolly why I wasted that much time trying to get some usable tones from it and generally walking away frustrated.


I'm the same way with guitar effects,  When I find that one or two happy mediums I leave it exactly there.


I know quite a number of people who care less about actually playing then tweaking tone.  That is the entire point of opening a daw for them.


How much time to you spend tweaking tones?



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I will typically spend about 40 minutes per tone. I may tweak it at a later time for 5 minutes. Once I have 3 or 4 usable tones I dont bother any more and never touch them again.

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I've spent the last 43 years tweaking my tone! Never could get it right! :)


no I remember you really did get it right once, but then carried on changing the EQ. I suppose I should have mentioned something? :eusa_think:

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The two things that kills me more then anything is split points for various layered/stacked sounds and range. C is not natural for me. Even if I tune my baby -




To a 6 string bass (b-e-a-d-g-c) It still drives me nuts. as in some cases I only have one octave for the bass and many times I can't get in my mind the split point.  I'd rather map out two or three octaves for the bass and then map out a separate zone for whatever other instrument.  Two part stuff is always more fun for me on a ztar.


I want to get better at building my own synth presets, so far I've learned nothing from watching youtube videos.

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