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Interesting Article From 538 Regarding Radio's Rating System

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To be honest It's an extremely rare occasion when I listen to the radio. But I can see how a bad rating system can lead to the downfall of radio stations (I've seen it here in the past) which are receiving listeners but the ratings company does not accurately reflect actual listenership.

Many similarities with Spotify me thinks

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Thats tough on everybody. I dont think we even have a jazz station where I am. I have a digital radio but it confuses the hell out of me.

If I could figure out the presets, I would certainly set one to jazz if such a station was out there.

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At one time Ted Nugent owned a radio station in Detroit. Once you got past the morning show (him and politics) the station was pretty good and attracted a lot of suburban listeners. Arbitron was the ratings company and they focused listenership within the City of Detroit. At the time the City had less then a million people but... The suburbs had 1.5 Arbitron refused to poll outside of the city of Detroit. When the numbers came back no one wanted to advertise on Nugents radio station and he had to shut down.

Another thing about Arbitron (which is now owned by Nielson) In the Detroit area we border...Southwest Ontario Canada. As a result there is cross pollination of listening habits. The ratings companies treat these as separate markets when they are the same. A few Canadian stations do very well this side of the Detroit River but it's never recorded.

Regarding Jazz.

We used to have a great jazz radio station. Everyone chipped in (public radio) to keep the Jazz alive. I donated money and time to help with the pledge drive to keep it alive. The station received a surplus of money to keep the jazz alive and then.... The new station manager decided to stop the jazz shows. Instead opting to buy bbc news re broadcasts. I was furious the local public radio fans were furious. The decision stood and when the next pledge drive came around saying this time we'll bring back jazz. We all contributed under the promise and then nothing. Fooled twice. Now they have one two hour jazz show on the weekend. I could care less. I listen to shoutcast exclusively these days. http://shoutcast.com

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