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My Favorite All Around Reverb Valhalla Room

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I've used this reverb in many recordings. There's something about it I simply love. This one is my all time favorites. Don't let the name fool you ,there's a lot more than simply room sounds in it. There are very lush deep reverbs to be had. The only other fallback might be a convolution reverb. Sometimes a certain IR better fits a mix.


I sometimes use Breverb or TRacks CSR Reverbs to get a rough idea of what I want. I usually wander back to Valhalla Room. 




What is your favorite reverb?


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Valhalla for life! <3 


Been using it for years and have not come across another one which I like as much. 

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Good to know someone else here uses it and likes it. I have a few mixer friends who also swear by it as one of their all time favorites.


I'm seriously considering Valhalla shimmer. It's a bit much to spend for a plug I probably won't use as much, however it can be tough to find those longer reverb times done as well as Shimmer does it. 


I have a trimmed down version of an Overloud convolution reverb as part of my  DAW. Since a convolution can import IRs from anywhere I'm trying to decide if I want to try that to see if I get the results I'm after. Plenty of free IRs to download.


Also seriously eyeing Waves convolution reverb as an alternative since it's on sale right now.


Too many choices. If time is an issue and a person doesn't want to play around with hundreds of IRs, Shimmer would get you there faster  for the longer reverb spaces and Valhalla room could pretty much cover everything else IMO. VR also has some really convincing longer spaces, yet Shimmer has the extra "spice".


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