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Started to sign up for this place thinking I'd never been here and it said my e-mail was already in the system, I thought "Maybe I signed up long ago but never posted" then I see all these conversations I've had and it allllll comes flooding back to me.  I REMEMBER THIS PLACE!!!   You guys were really cool!  Technically this isn't an introduction cause apparently I'm not a new member but I feel like one so, yeah!  I think I left last time because you guys made me a mod and I cracked under pressure and basically ignored everyone, then felt really embarrassed and stopped posting haha  I'd like to think I've grown up a little since then...  


Well for those who don't know me (which I'm sure there are many, it's been a WHILE...) I'm a rock musician from Nashville, my stuff is comparable to like, early punk/glam/new wave, kind of a mix between zeppelin, beatles, david bowie, Wire, and maybe like, smashing pumpkins or something.  I actually think I have invented a new genre as of recently, as I set out to try and make a new form of christian music that would have a different attitude than what I've heard before, and it sounds too different to be called "Christian Rock" I think it should be called "Gospel Glam" cause it almost sounds like Buzzcocks doing christian music, and the attitude is snarly and the lyrics are more of a "Better get right with God" kind of message than a "Grace and mercy rains down on us forever!!" kind of message.  


Anyway I would like to join the ranks, hear some tunes, share some tunes, and have good people times with you guys, guess I'm back!

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