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How I writing?

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hi errbody, I just wanna know wat u think bout my writing level,lmaoo. I just wanna know if I'm a good writer, and I do all my beats too. pls tell me wat do u think bout my swagg too haha.

Thanks for the people who listen to my .




Green Boy



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I definitely see some very interesting musical and melodic ideas here, but in each case right now I see them being (unnecessarily ...) overlaid with "musical, lyrical, and rhythmic 'tropes.'"


For instance:  "That rapid-fire rhythmic tat-tat-tat ... why?"  "The apparently-perfunctory resorting to (frankly, uninspired) 'rap' ... why?"


In many of these pieces, I actually heard very-interesting melodic and rhythmic ideas that really sounded promising. 


But then, "what have you so-far done with it?"  So far, not much.  Around "measure 16," the same tropes just came pounding back.


I would therefore simply encourage you to ... "think outside the box."  As a composer, your boundaries are actually unlimited.  Explore them.  You can do anything with a good musical idea! 


And so:  take this collection of interesting and promising musical notions and please explore what else you could do.  (Yes, other composers have been plowing these same grounds for many centuries.  Enjoy!)

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