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Need help sourcing/creating 32-bit sounds similar to the enclosed examples...

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Dear Everyone.


I'm a little fat disabled guy (Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Asperger's) who loves trying to write New Age music.  I use a wonderful - for me - package called Quick Score Elite Level 2 which is just notation, one stave per instrument.  If anyone here knows Dorico, it's like a much better designed version of that (in many ways, I've given up on Dorico cos it's too unnecessarily complicated. ALL these 64-bit nightmares are too unnecessarily complicated. Why not have one direct way of doing stuff and put ALL the ghastly complications  as menu choices for if you need them?)

Anyway, I'm after sounds, or the building blocks for sounds like HERE....

Even if it's just sounds I could put together to make these kinda sounds, I'd love 'em.  Hopefully 32-bit stylee - sorry I've not gone 64-bit, I've spent, like, a year fighting these monsters - Dorico, Cubase, Reaper - and I just am not 'getting' them.  Can't play anything cos of disability, put in all the notes with a mouse, HATE  piano roll, love simplicity and notation.

I've got Serum, UVI Workstation (but their sounds cost a fortune!) Sampletank, the HG Fortune synths.  I understand voices, tuning, detuning, LFOs, ADSR, high/low pass gates but I try following YouTube instruction vids, they get gor-gee-ous sounds, I get seal farts, no idea why.  There's gotta be VSTs out there with sounds good enough to make YouTubeworthy tracks on cos this lot have been going since 32-bit days and their sound's not changed much. 

As have Yakuro, Stive Morgan, Mike Rowland, Aeoliah, Mike Oldfield and their sound's not changed much either.  Please, anyone know of a nice library of sounds for Sampletank or anything else multitimbral I could use? (Multitimbral saves memory and works better with QSE but I'd take anything right now!)

Yours hopefully


 P.S.  I'm happy to pay a reasonable amount for nice sounds, I know UVI sounds are great but they're hundreds of pounds to buy so I'm kinda dithering over them! Not the lead sounds - got those - just the lovely background sounds.  ANY info. on making/getting them will be jumped on.....!!

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Hi Chris


I'm no expert on anything, so apologies if I'm not hitting the mark and providing the desired feedback. But here's my 'two penneth'.


  • 32-bit vs 64-bit.  Why is this an issue? How a plugin works internally shouldn't make much difference unless your CPU/OS is the limiting factor.  The majority of plugins usually have both versions available for installation.  Most computers in the last 8 years can easily handle a handful of VSTs, regardless of 32/64 bit capability.
  • You say you've given up fighting various DAWs.  Does this mean you are not using any DAW?  If so, how do you propose using VSTs and layering different instruments?
  • Only getting 'seal farts'.  Can you get ANY synth sounds working to your liking?  If not, your basic setup needs attention. Even something simple like audio out port, speakers or cables.
  • I remember when I first started on home-studio ... I felt I was drowning in the hardware/software soup.  I paid for someone skilled in Pro Tools to come to my house for two hours to configure ProTools on my Windows laptop with my Digidesign ACDC unit (+ monitors, mics, DI, MIDI), setup a recording template, and do a basic recording/playback.  With that base level of confidence that the system 'worked' (and a setup I could always fall back to), I slowly built my technical skills and started creating what I wanted.
  • Generic help via this forum or YouTube tutorials could be an infinite frustrating black hole because there may be one small issue with your setup that is screwing with what everyone would consider the 'normal' process.
  • I'd recommend paying a home-studio expert from a local studio or music shop to attend your home.  Give them in advance a full description of your hardware/software and what you want to do, and get a quote.  It's important that you have the confidence that YOUR setup CAN produce some of the sounds you're after.

In addition, most stores are desperate for customers and revenue.   A local store with people you can get to know is preferable.  Failing that, I have had personal experience (when I visited the UK in 2013) with Gear4Music ... 

https://www.gear4music.com/Music-Software/virtual-instruments  who had various technical experts able to talk by phone/email to clarify matters.  They're keen, especially when people are likely to buy from them :)  (I can't attest to what they're like now.)






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