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Looking for stuff to sing or play along with?

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I've recently had a 'chat' in another post about singing ... the urge, practice, problems, performance psychology, ability to emote, etc.. 


This has reminded me that I put up 'karaoke' versions of my 30-track album for anyone who's looking for new avenues/challenges in regards to singing, percussion, or guitar.  


These versions are the complete "as-released" tracks but with just the relevant part omitted during the bounce. All are freely available for download ...



The folders are clearly named:


NOTE: The SONGBOOK PDF contains all the lyrics for singers and all the chords/tunings for guitarists.
There's also BPMs and meters.



The originals -  "The Flat White Album" (2020) by Greg Barnett - can be heard on all digital platforms including:





COMMENT on singing

I am a realist.  I'm not a great singer. I don't have a large range or vocal emotion/sizzle.  After I had created all the demos I cast around for people who would be willing to guest sing.  My thought process was that if someone asked ME to play/sing on THEIR album, they’d probably get injured in my rush to join them.  And so I tried the following:

  • Friends and family (0 response)
  • The membership of my local Acoustic Music club (0 response from 200+ members)
  • A “Singers Wanted” advert on Gumtree. (1 expressed interest, 0 followed up)
  • “Singers Wanted” posts on two local community Facebook pages. (3 expressed interest, 1 followed up but didn't sing loud enough for me to hear anything and never contacted me again)
  • A “Singers Wanted” advert on the StarNow.com website.  30 responses, some from overseas even though I specifically mentioned I was seeking local people. I got the impression people said ‘yes’ to anything in the hope of instant stardom.  Only 1 followed up and came to do test recordings but, vocally, was too ‘stagey’.
  • Four local singing schools. The owner of one was VERY keen about the opportunity for her students, but none of the students responded.
  • Bandmix (.com.au and co.uk) websites.  I paid one month's membership on each in order to contact individual members who were seeking vocalist opportunities. Most people rating themselves as ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ had not even bothered to upload samples of themselves and, of those who had, half were worse singers than me!  In general, most of the blokes were hard rock, metal or hip-hop.  I sent out 80 invitations in the UK, and 154 in Australia. Less than 12 in total ever responded, and half of those were ‘thanks, but ...’, the remainder either wanted to discuss payment first or went quiet when asked to actually DO something like sending me a sample of their voice.


SO ... if you ENJOY singing and also like the music, please have a go, and I'd be keen to hear your version.  In particular, I've always wanted to hear a female voice on "Shadows" (Track 26) as I wrote it as if from a woman's perspective.







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