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My longest music video

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Music seems a ludicrously facile expression of the terrible Ukrainian situation, but I was struck that humanity keeps repeating the micro and macro failures of the past.  We all thought Russia's aggression in Europe post-WWII had finally run its course after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that there was a blossoming of peace, and a real feeling of optimism was spreading everywhere. Now, Russia has resumed its old ways.  China too has increased its belligerence. (North Korea goes without saying!)


The music release itself was posted and discussed in "Showcase" (Oct 16, 2022) https://forums.songstuff.com/topic/57145-running-from-red-extended-mix/.   Only now, four months later, and feeling a little edgy due to not having any other creative projects simmering, I decided to have a crack at the music video for the track. 


As mentioned elsewhere, I've always found difficulty in find enough quality/relevant imagery from my handful of limited cleared-to-publish sources to tell any visual story that I imagine.  Now I had to find roughly double the quantity for a track which is 8:20 long!  However, I learned long ago to accept 'make-do' with what I have.  The final visuals are good enough.  A few are compelling/emotional. 



There is no attempt in the story to be self-righteous and preachy.  The 'Red' here can also be equally applied to the flags of the USA and its 'running dog' allies, including the UK (my birth) and Australia (my home) who, with only immediate political expediency in mind, have shown they will invade, bomb (indiscriminately killing civilians), bully and coerce governments, and assassinate individuals in other countries, all in the pursuit of power, influence, resources, etc. ... usually under the supposed guise of 'self-defence'.  Isn't that exactly the same as what both Russia and China do?


If you have any questions about sources, editing, etc., I enjoy discussing the technology and decision making.




PS. The original video (which I actually prefer) is below and in which I created a video prologue to give it historical context, i.e. the sounds were NOT part of the original album release.   I decided to change its YouTube status to UNLISTED (only those with the link can find and see it) as, back in 2015, I could not be 100% certain that everything was cleared for use.  This problem made me become really anal regarding my future documentation of sources, creators, and usage rights.






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