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Different Version of Whispers in the Dark

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I came here looking for answers, I'm new to the forum and, for Skillet fans, in "eSound" search for a song of theirs to see what the platform recommended, if you found the song in the album Until I realized that this was not the YouTube version sung by John Cooper, but rather by Korey Cooper. Instead of being electric guitars that were playing, they were... Normal guitars (I don't know much about musical instruments) But I would like to see where it comes from why I can't find the truth anywhere but on eSound 

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"Whispers in the Dark" is a song by the American rock band Skillet. If you are referring to different versions or variations of the song, there might be different releases or renditions based on albums, live performances, or remixes. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, here are a couple of key versions:

1. **Original Studio Version:**
   The original version of "Whispers in the Dark" was released as part of Skillet's album "Comatose," which came out in 2006. This version is likely the most well-known and widely recognized.

2. **Acoustic Versions:**
   Like many bands, Skillet sometimes releases acoustic versions of their songs. There may be acoustic renditions of "Whispers in the Dark" available on various releases or as bonus tracks.

3. **Live Performances:**
   Skillet is known for its energetic live performances, and different live versions of "Whispers in the Dark" may exist. These can be found on live albums or recorded during concerts.

4. **Remixes:**
   Sometimes, artists release remixes of their songs, either done by themselves or by other artists. These remixes can bring a different flavor to the original track.

5. **Re-Recordings:**
   In certain cases, bands might re-record a song for various reasons, such as for a special release or to update the sound. Check for any re-recordings of "Whispers in the Dark" that might have been released.

If there have been any releases or new versions of the song after September 2021, I recommend checking Skillet's official discography, their official website, or music streaming platforms for the most up-to-date information on different versions of "Whispers in the Dark."

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