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Refusing To Give Up - Back (At It) With A Vengeance



Wow, nearly 3 years on and if I could show you a graph of my rise in knowledge since I set myself a man-made mountain to climb, you'd be astounded to see and learn that ................. I'd be a couple of feet above sea level I guess.

Ok, I'm not going to lie to you. I was overwhelmed by my crumbling teeth after biting off more than I could chew, and that term that is worse than the "7 worst things you cannot say on air" put together, reared it's ugly head - 'everyday life'.

But I refuse to give up and I'm back at 'it' with a vengeance !!!!!!

And I've decided not to do it the easy way this time :lol:

I've chosen (plumped for) a DAW that isn't the most widely used/popular - Presonus's Studio One 2, which has yet to have the amount and quality of help that Ableton and Pro Tools etc have. To go into the reasons why would be wrong at this stage, as if I did I might go back into hibernation for another 3 years :lol:

I also snapped a guys hand off selling a 'not so old but new to me' cheap as chips midi type controller pad thingy - that's made primarily for Ableton ............... to allow me to get 'my groove' going .............. and still I'm sticking to SOne2. How's that for determination, eh? And the best part about the Novation Launchpad is ............... drum roll please ....... that they don't think anyone needs a user guide to help them know how to make it work!!!!! :lol:

So I'm relighting this blog's blue touch paper, to try and help others flailing in this area of music, through my own failings and learning curve.

I know 3 years ago, what I did wrong :yes: I thought I'd be able to just get going within a week :no:

So I've picked up some know-how over this time, played around with some stuff that has allowed me to 'gently' get back in the saddle, and I've got a strategy/mantra to follow: ONE THING AT A TIME.

  1. I'm following video tutorials without rushing through to the end.
  2. I'm learning how to add VST and VST'i (Kontakt is looking a must here)
  3. I'm finding free stems to practice with
  4. I'm studying Musical Theory

I know that sounds like 4, but these kind of make 1, as I learn how the DAW does something, I apply that new found knowledge to build up the practical skills using stems and effects etc, while keeping within set parameters laid down within the Laws of Music.

This time I see the 'end game'. Only hope I can live upto Man O War's pedigree and go the distance :thumbup1:

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Stick with it & you'll get there. The 'when" isn't nearly as important as puttin' one foot in front of the other & tackling things in an logical order.

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Thanks Tom.


If any links you got, put them in. I look for ways to view youtube as and when I can.


For folks that don't know ...... I have to overcome the greatest firewall in the world :lol:

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