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  1. I don't quite follow the benefit of hosting a home server setup for websites over a current cheap reseller option that will be hosted on fast hardware and server location, allow for multiple individual domains to be hosted, offer updates for all the backend software, almost zero downtime ++, unless you like to do it all yourself. For me it's a time efficiency issue whereby rather than you spend the time setting up, testing out, resolving issues etc that you pay someone else a few dollars a month to do, you get to focus on promoting, marketing and selling which I get the feeling is where you need to be - earning the money by time spent selling, not with the spanners out. Just a thought Mike
  2. It's not easy is it - I'm in a very similar if not the same boat to you. Any power into the voice and cover your ears, plus I'm having another more determined go at learning the guitar too. You want to start by looking through the DAW's forum area. There's a lot to choose from and I know you've said something to just get a beat down and record it - the basics. That means you want a package deal, where you will get music (often midi packs) included with the software. Now others will have different opinions and suggestions, but I think the simplest software to get the hang of quickly that comes with a load of drums and guitars etc you can use 'and' that down the road as you get more accomplished will still help you with what you're looking to do, is Mixcraft. A lot of the other DAW's are about creating music (I know quite a few guys who use Ableton for House type Live gigs etc) and then there's the ones for recording all instruments etc and then there are those that are more tuned in their way for producers. They all pretty much do the same thing Johhny. But they can be somewhat daunting, which is why I suggest Mixcraft, because when you open it up, choose a drum set, drag them onto the screen, copy and paste, extend or cut up parts etc, you should get the hang of it quite quickly and easily. next you'll be adding other instruments like a bass etc. So, what you really need to do is go to the Mixcraft site and look around (a good look), check out some tutorials on youtube to see how the job gets done using it, then do the same for any other suggestions and then decide. I know where you are right now, because I've been there too and Mixcraft helped me understand quite a bit about DAW's and choosing a drum type etc through it's very simple and basic screen etc. Hope this is of help.
  3. It's just an 'off the cuff' idea Mike, but even with your limited time and tiredness, helping someone perhaps to learn, at least at the beginning, could help energise you with their enthusiasm and bring back reminders of why you began, or create some of the goals you want that John mentioned. As I said, just an idea. Feel better m8.
  4. I'm not a Pro user by any means, but for simple things I like Mixcraft and when I dabble into more serious stuff (for me) I have Studio One. But I've enjoyed reading through about Reaper. I might give it a test drive. Thanks Songstuffers!
  5. You certainly deserve it mate I sincerely hope it works out for you. I know only too well how 'getting by' to follow your passion works.
  6. Just do a google search - how to make a CD cover
  7. Liking the feedback on this, as it applies across the board
  8. If you're doing live performances without a band, with or without additional kit, how do you propose to do that and what kind of music do you perform?
  9. I'm confused. Your profile says your age isn't 13 1/2 and that you're a man? The videos in the links do not show someone who can't decide what to sing. If you're unsure how to be, find the latest Britain's Got Talent and listen to What Simon Cowell says to the young songwriters on it.
  10. Michael, what have you done to the video? It's awesome. How you've managed to capture the images of "Katie" that inspired you to create the melody and then the writing stage of the lyrics and then putting the 2 together. Truly inspirational and it should be on MTV or similar. Fantastic video that draws you into the songs story and hooks you. Well done m8
  11. Hiya David - thx for asking No keyboard, hope to use it to trigger sounds as well as panning etc. As opposed to having a controller with twisty type knobs, the pads (i know can be, just don't yet know how to make them so) can be used as an increasing or decreasing amount by degree, by mapping each pad to say a % of panning left and/or right. Even though the Launchpad consists of 64 pads, there are multiple 'pages' which therefore multiplies the potential control. That sounds a bit Irish. what that means is, by pressing certain buttons, I get 64 pads mapped out for 'X' midi control, touch another button and I get a further 64 pads for 'Y' midi control, touch the button again and a further 64 pads etc. I see so much potential in its use for creating 'real music' and yet a) there's no user manual & 99% of any tutorials are geared to DJ'ing & Ableton (and 'canned' music'). It will be an excellent teacher, since once I fathom out all the "how to's" for a controller in a 'non-native' environment, anything else should then be a doddle
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