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  1. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    It's kind of hard to explain, but I feel like I've been being prepared for a long time for this. So my life has consisted of deepening my relationship with God and learning more and more about the pitfalls of greed and lust etc. So I really have just started to actually try to do something, my current goal? Just make about 7 recordings I really reeeally like enough to be excited to show/sell. I think just getting real feedback helps, I'm... a person who HAS played out in the past, but I've been secluding myself for many years and I'm rusty to both music and life right now. Kinda relearning everything, singing is difficult as I've developed mic phobia but once again, talking to people, sharing my material, it all helps I also have never made truly christian music before, tried to hide behind "positive" music, I just recently felt lead to really merge my sound with a truly christian message, that's also new and exciting but a little... getting used to it. I feel like a time bomb waiting to go off really. No plan, just following wherever the spirit leads....
  2. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    I'm putting this song in the showcase section instead of the critique section cause I'm just pretty happy with it now. Mixed the crap out of it, added a bunch of parts. I'll put the lyrics in this time. I got to take some time to offer thanks, for the way you got me out of that deplorable state,I really think your Word is just so fine, I only want to know I'm doing what is truly right, And if I take my eye off of your face, I run the risk of missing out on what you're trying to say, You always speak when my mind is in an honest place, And give me water from the fountain that is flowing with grace, And if I could just take a second or two, To offer up my services in total honor of you, Because I think your ways are super magic and cool, And I am so inadequate I'm just a worm and a tool, Simplify me, (Thank you Yahweh) Override me (You sent us Jesus) So if you find it in your heart to do this one crazy thing, Please force my hand and make my heart become the way it should be, Cause even if it hurts it's still gonna be worth it to me, To learn to fight to help these captives become finally free, But see that means that I gotta be free myself, And so I can't hold onto habits that would keep me in hell, So I forgive everybody for everything, It's really easy when I recognize how awful I've been, Simplify me, (Thank you Yahweh) Override me (You sent us Jesus) Now I'm not saying I don't welcome any criticism, I'm just not seeking it. I'm quite happy with this, I know it ain't perfect but I'm tired of messing with it and it makes me really happy now every time I listen so... that's what I wanted
  3. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    Hehehehe I'm resinging the vocals to get them to pop more, it's sounding even better now, hopefully will get them done today, and yeah your comment just made my day, this is exactly the reaction I'm wanting from the christian community, thank you so much!
  4. Broken Glass

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about how this song came to be. Sometimes it just seems like the spirit comes over you and you just know it's time. I'm from Nashville so good old country like this hits me right in the feels, have you ever heard of Tommy Overstreet? His song "Fadin Renegade" is probably my favorite country song ever, we played it at my wife's father's funeral. You remind me a little bit of his stuff, unfortunately my computer is lagging so I can't listen to the whole thing until I restart or something but what I heard was that good old heartfelt country sound that makes me feel like I'm a kid again. Love those kinds of songs.
  5. Collab With An Independent Artist In Japan

    I'm a bit of an otaku myself (japan anime nut) I'm really impressed with her accent! She only speaks Japanese? Usually there are ways the Japanese pronounce english words because of their different vowel sounds and r sounds etc, she sounds like she's been speaking english her whole life! Pretty good tune as well
  6. Waves

    I'm not usually a fan of this sound, not really for any reason other than it just isn't really what I personally feel inside, but as far as you know, these kinds of songs go, I liked it. Alot of times what turns me OFF in this kind of music is materialism or pettiness in the lyrics, or it being so autotuned it doesn't sound like a real voice. This has real heart in it to me, and it doesn't make me feel like we just rolled a huge joint and are going to the club (I hate when songs make me feel like that lol) It's got more real emotion than that, vocal performance is pretty good too. Like I said it's not really my style but the fact that I like it as much as I do is a good sign, pretty epic build up at the end too!
  7. Thanks for that @Will Sketches! I sort of have a "plan" it's like... I mean I've had pretty decent followings in the past and when I was in highschool my friends went gaga for my music so I know it's in there and I know people will dig it. The problem has been ME. I'M never satisfied, I'M never ok with my songs, there's always something that makes me go "I didn't sing that right, I couldn't get the bass right," or whatever, and then I just... don't do anything with it. But I really seem to be coming out of that, I'd like to talk to you more about how one "promotes" if you have any suggestions. I guess if you want to respond in any length to this just pm me so we don't start having a separate conversation in the thread. And yeah I really get what you mean about the "middle ground" and when you described the editing process I was like "Wait, I do that too" I just had it in my head we were saying "Pick four chords and don't go outside of those four or you'll get too complex!" And I was just like "How can anyone write that way???" When you make it more like, cleaning up the original idea, that makes sense to me.
  8. A Politically Correct Anthem of Unity

    This is a goofy song I wrote about.... stuff... and my wife filmed it and yeah.
  9. I actually can see what you mean Will, I still just feel like... for me personally? I can't have ANY rigidness in my thinking when I write or it just... I don't know. I don't like rules lol
  10. Arrogance

    Do any of you think you are arrogant? Do any of you KNOW you are arrogant hahaha? I have struggled with it all my life and I find it to be such a strange thing to deal with. I think it's hard to understand the arrogant, because it's not like... a conscious decision to think you're better than everyone, it's like I know how exciting what's going on in my head is and I'm aware that I tend to see deep angles most don't. I don't think "Ok Chris just go into this remembering you're the smartest person in the room" but it's like it's a subconscious assumption I am not intending to make. The result is me kind of... not letting anyone else steer the conversation anywhere I keep unwittingly trying to dominate. Another thing is my quickness to admit my good looks. Not FLAUNT mind you, I'll just admit quite readily I know I'm a good looking guy, and I don't think this is arrogant for the reason you might think haha I don't do it to draw attention but more because I just don't see it as something I can take credit for so I'm like "yeah God gave me some great features haha Not sure why he wanted me to have that but I'll take it right?" But see, not everyone can grasp that you're coming from a place like that, and I won't explain cause I just talk instead of thinking about how THEY will percieve me right? And there-in lies the pesky arrogance, just kind of riding my own train outloud while I force everyone else on it. Lately however I've started FINALLY learning to listen, and just admit my arrogance or stop it, when I see I'm overloading someone or taking over I try to stop and say "Oh wait, I don't think this is the direction you were trying to go in, could you explain what you were saying before please?" Cause I also won't be listening as I sort of... globalize everything I hear in my mind, connecting dots, seeing a big picture. It's hard for me to "Come back down to earth" so to speak, though it's not narcissism since I put all this energy into studying Jesus and his love for me and all mankind and so like... the good source makes me good but without that? If I was more like... a person who didn't have a good sense of self? I might totally be a textbook narcissist. Does anyone relate? (I don't expect you to admit it if you're not comfortable haha my arrogance just let's me talk about my flaws all day long with no fear Muhahahaha) (Oh let me know if you were uncomfortable with the Jesus reference, I'm guessing you're ok with people referencing religion to the degree they kind of have to to be honest and themselves, I'm guessing you just don't want anyone trying to STEER everyone into a religious debate yes? Let me know if I get the idea now)
  11. Arrogance

    I think Confucius said that right?.....
  12. Arrogance

    I think it's more like I was just applying the wrong term to what I was doing. Starise really hit the nail on the head with it being an overactive overly bored brain, and no I'm not trying to necessarily feel "better" about myself. I more or less just like to take my deepest feelings and put them on the table for analyzation. Often times you find others relate and can even help you figure out yourself, which is pretty much what happened with the thread! haha But yeah like you just said, arrogance would mean I felt SUPERIOR, I don't struggle with feelings of superiority. I more or less just need to learn how to truly focus on what others are saying instead of kind of listening while still going on my own thought train, and then trying to get them on it with me. Gotta let others steer the ship too right? hehehe Yep, that's me! I talk with my hands, I speak with a loud intensity, I cackle when I laugh, I can make people uncomfortable by staring a little too deeply in their eyes, and yes it's because I'm so over the moon about Jesus! hahaha We can't get too involved in that aspect of it though I want to respect the rules of this forum, but it's so funny that ALL the simililarites are there. What's cool is that as I practice listening, while it is kinda hard at first, (I'll think I'm really bored) it's never long before something kinda... shifts in my focus, and then I start to REALLY hear what the person is saying. Then I begin to learn things that AREN'T already in my head, and it kinda... sticks with me for next time, I'm noticing my demeanor getting calmer all the time. It's like you gotta have it proven to you over and over "Your thoughts are not the most exciting thoughts" but in time it DOES sink in. Cool stuff, thanks for that @Pahchisme Plaid Yeah and I've known people who were arrogant and were real charming with it. Like, just admitting it but also sticking to their guns when they know they're right in an almost assholish way that somehow is still endearing lol Or people who say things like "See? I'm ALWAYS right" *wink* stuff like that haha I've seen people OWN their arrogance I really have, actually that's how I used to be and girls dug me for it cause I carried myself with a cool "swagger" etc... As I got older I felt like... some people admired the way I was, but some were intimidated and offended by it. I want to be all things to all people if I can be, so that's when I started trying to pinpoint and get rid of my arrogance, I think I did this by making myself enjoy things I didn't enjoy. I started looking at artists my friends like that I KNEW "sucked" and trying to see if I'd missed something and often times I HAD, I was just being judgemental, not having a "higher taste in music". So I dunno, stuff like that brought me down over time. I kinda wish now I'd titled this thread "I can't control the thought train!" Or something, cause as Rudi correctly pointed out, this thread really never had anything to do with arrogance, I just thought it did hahaha but I love seeing someone who can be so honest about themselves. I was that dude who if you said "I think Beyonce is a great singer" I automatically thought you were of lesser intelligence than me, not cultured, and I would suddenly want to "school you" on what good music is. WHen I was like that? THAT was arrogant hahaha Now I can hear a statement like that and just think "Some people are suckers for a strong voice and catchy pop songs, everybody's got their thing!" And that's all I think now, and that feels good
  13. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    omg omg omg omg omg omg I listened to the song later right? Your post is going through my head, it CLICKS, I go BACK to the controls, mess around with some stuff on the chorus vocals???!!! omg omg omg omg thanks for that dude, will repost when ready....
  14. You can call me Wolf :)

    sometimes I just use it as a way to go "Ok so that's how some people listen" or "Ok so now I know a different way of looking at my song" and sometimes I really do agree with the critique, but sometimes I'm like "I can see how someone might hear it that way, but those people probably don't like the beach boys either, and I do so...." you know? haha
  15. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    I really hear you on that, I do, I've been tinkering with those vocals and resinging them for over a month trying to do something about it, but the part was hard for me to get at all, plus I was really having trouble with confidence back then, I feel like.... I just need to leave this one, get some feedback, get a little more confidence since I'm not just messing with everything, and my theory is my songs and mixes will just keep getting better and better. But you're not wrong, what I wanted from that chorus was very different than what I got, but I can live with it.
  16. You can call me Wolf :)

    I was intimidated by how professional some people's stuff is too... actually I still am lol But honestly people are fair to everyone of all levels here, sometimes the critiques can make you feel overwhelmed but that's why you gotta remember you don't HAVE to implement any ideas, these are just other people's ideas to help you get feedback. Then just keep doing what you feel inside and enjoy sharing and growing by listening to others and letting others listen to you
  17. Hello!

    That's awesome man! I play guitar too Welcome!
  18. Arrogance

    @starise my friend it's like you just drew a map of my brain hahahaha yes, we have identified exactly what it was that had me so convinced I was arrogant haha See when I USED to be arrogant, I really DID kinda... think I was pretty great for thinking on such a "higher" level, and could often times like... I dunno I was just acting like I was sooooo cool. But the very fact I was worried about it and trying to learn to listen should have shown me it's not arrogance this time around, just an unsatisfied overactive brain. lol False alarm guys, false alarm...
  19. Arrogance

  20. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    HAHAHAHAHA that killed me, it should be fixed!
  21. Arrogance

    Oh man, can I like a post twice?? That's exactly the thing I'm talking except because I'm hyper and reeeeeally interested in what I'm thinking about, I kept noticing how I was always dominating conversation, steering it into what I thought was exciting and the people would look.... overwhelmed and a little... "Dude I just wanted to chat..." But yeah I get it now, not everything is worth saying right then, and I think I'm finding that balance of giving in put without being like "I'LL TAKE IT FROM HERE GUYS" and zooming passed them 100 mph lol
  22. Arrogance

    not on this forum of course!! hahaha we discuss music here by golly!! I just mean I'm in a good place and that infectious.... I dunno... desire to laugh with people is returning... dun du DAAAHHH
  23. Arrogance

    Dude on my old forum I got everyone doing this thing we called "derailing" which I know you THINK you know what that is, but we would do it on purpose, just to suddenly make a topic turn into a long drawn out retarded joke fest of pure madness. The caps locks flew, the point was never found, but dear goodness did we laugh, and oh man was it fun..... I'm starting to think it could come back too....
  24. Arrogance

    *high five* lol
  25. Arrogance

    That was beautifully said! And it's so funny because I'm not worried at ALL about it now. I think it was just the result of isolation. I was so isolated for years that when I came out I noticed I had trouble actually saying anything relevant to what others were saying but I still said alot. I thought "oh no! My arrogance is back!" But now that I've pushed through and kept talking to people, I just started realizing I'm out of practice! haha I really just... am! That's it! Not some arrogance problem, just... I've been thinking too long. I'm fine now, just had to get that listening part of my mind going again, I think he forgot he existed and I don't blame him.