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  1. got a new song done today called "man must die"

  2. self portrait

    From the album noseymoe


    © noseymoe

  3. noseymoe

    catfish sushi
  4. Moe

    From the album noseymoe

  5. Moe

    From the album noseymoe

    me and my demon

    © noseymoe

  6. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    I am Jamie aka noseymoe is anyone interesting joining a band
  7. i have some of my art i want to post here hoping ii can get a band togeather togeather or at the least audition to join a band

  8. Welcome to the forums jamie flake :)

    1. jamie flake

      jamie flake

      hey man can u give me some feed back I sent u a message don't know if u got it yet thoughhttp://www.reverbnation.com/noseymoe/songs