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  1. Hello All

    Welcome, Don't be nervous about going solo. Creative freedom is never something to be nervous about, just soak it up and let it flow.
  2. Favourite Lyricist

    lol. Nightwolf, speaking of genius', and totally off topic; Douglas Adams. Love the quote, loved the man. One of a kind, and sorely missed.
  3. Favourite Lyricist

    Well I'm biased, but Bernie Taupin was always a favourite, at least before he got lazy about 26 years ago. He used to paint some lovely pictures, usually in EJ's lesser known songs. Neil Finn, Jerry Cantrell, Aimee Mann, Tori Amos (when she's not pretending to be a fairy or a goblin or something), Ben Folds writes some deceptively clever stuff, and Bernard Fanning writes a colurful lyric. Always had a soft spot for James Taylor and Carole King as well. Could never pick an absolute favourite though. Oh wait, of course. PHIL COLLINS!!!! What a genius!!!!! PS. NOT!!!!!!!
  4. First Post

    G'day mate. Welcome aboard. Only just joined myself. Thanks for you input on Sole. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I have so far. Some good people here I reckon. Cheers.
  5. Hello From Mr Churcher

    Lol. Actually, I've never had that one before. But yes, I have indeed been jammin'.
  6. Hello From Mr Churcher

    lol. Nah mate, we don't live on base. Unless you're a trainee or something. Most people live ashore in private residences. I have a rental not far from base, and one of the bedrooms is a converted recording studio. I'm moving back to a Sydney soon, so will have to set something up wherever I find a place over there. But yeah, pretty much all my spare time is spent in the studio banging away on the piano, drums, or plucking guitars. It's an ok set up. When I actually buy a place as opposed to renting I'll set up a proper studio. It's all bloody expensive though. Wouldn't have joined up if it meant I couldn't play music every day. Couldn't live without it!
  7. Hello From Mr Churcher

    G'day all. Been given some advice to use this section and introduce myself. I had no idea sites like this existed, and as I spend most of my days sitting in front of a computer screen with free net I thought it'd be cool to join up when I found out about it. So, a brief intro. My name is Benjamin Churcher, and I'm 29. Currently I am in the Navy as a Training Systems Officer. At the moment I'm over in the West (Perth) but am off back to the real world soon (Sydney). Have been in the Navy for a couple of years now. Had to do something to get a proper career going. Before that I was a full time musician more or less. Have a Bachelor of Music from the Uni of New England and spent a couple of years in London gigging and writing, before coming back to Australia and living in Sydney and the NSW North Coast for a while, teaching piano and of course playing and writing as much as I can. Have played Piano since I was 6, and have been writing songs and other music for 14 years. Have directed several stage musicals as well as performing, but gave that away years ago. Too much hard work. Since joining up with the Defence Forces and having a decent income I have invested in lots of gear for home recording. Have had several songs recorded in studios before, and though the results speak for themselves, it's expensive and can be pretty stressful. So, I thought getting the gear myself and doing the home studio thing would give me more control, flexibility and of course add a string to my bow in terms of musical expertise. Still learning the processes, but results are beginning to come. So, Piano is my main, but have self taught guitar and drums, and can play clarinet fairly well. Used to play more, but rarely these days. My early infuences were (being a piano player) Elton John and Billy Joel, but the influences have grown as my musical scope has; Tori Amos, Ben Folds, Dave Matthews, Fiona Apple, Alaniss, Aimee Mann, and the two great Aussie bands Silverchair and Powderfinger, among many others. My songs are almost always written from my experiences, though I am starting to expand and write about those of people around me. Usually I come up with a lyrical idea first, though at times the music comes first. That first song I posted here is one of my very oldest one, and the first one I had recorded. Appreciate the comments. So, I hope to read a lot more of everybody's lyrics, and to learn more about what people think makes this whole process of song writing work. I will say this though, that a good lyric is only as strong as the music that it sits on top of. Thanks for the welcome. Talk to you all soon. Churcha.
  8. Dude, do you know how to change the personal info thingy? It says I'm 'Learning to Play', whatever that means.