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  1. how is it? it isnt a complaint or a bug?
  2. seriously??? moved to complaints and bugs for asking a question?? guys come on....... this is just tedious behaviour now good way of treating your members btw peace out guys and girls,especially the ones who gave me the feedback on my lyrics etc,greatly appreciated i wish you well in the future.... all the best
  3. i inspired Kanye..... sticks and stones
  4. rub people up the wrong way?? i simply asked a question?? if that/this is what you reieve for simply that then i shall not post again,members will be happy to know
  5. i meant from your last post actually.....very sarcastic john :/ not good "hey just go if you want i aint bothered".....great attitude to have
  6. great support thanks pal
  7. someday
  8. oh you clearly was......
  9. honestly grow up man it's embarrassing
  10. haha is it funny that i have only just heard about this from yourself??? i was not sent a message,i did not receive a notification of it being there??? and trust me..... i would of posted if i had known. again proves another point that it just got thrown around anywhere
  11. it's cool i'm bored of the 47 yr old men resorting to childish behaviour about somebody's lyrics....lyrics that mean a lot,they may not be your cup of tea but thats my life!! now go be a dad or husband or grandpa just dont be a child and think
  12. haha good one....... :/
  13. hahaha cheers for proving my point.....if you actually read the lyrics you would see,go play your donkey kong little boy
  14. look at the hits on this post too..... HOT!! shame we don't get this from feedback on songs,lyrics,melodies etc
  15. what are you going on about???? you smoking too much of that sheesh mate