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About this blog

Welcome to my Blog!

Here I am going to write about whats on my mind - both as person and as a musician!


However. A word of caution: I intend to write here with minimal censorship so that the visitors of my Blog will get to know me better, by providing a more authentic experience and insight into what i`m actually like (as a person).


So before you continue reading in here - please keep in mind that my content might not always be family friendly. There will be cuss-words, and I am a very opinionated person. And, unlike in the open-forum, i`m not always going to explain myself in here. So if my words have somehow offended you than I urge you to please contact me in private, so we can hash things over like gentlemen. Lets keep things civilized! You wanna know the first thing about me? I dislike getting into fights! but at the same time, I will give ZERO f*cks if you refuse to listen to reason.

Entries in this blog

A Quick Summary

Welcome everyone! so I opened a blog again. Yay me, am I right. Anyhow, since there is already a description in the Blog about the nature of its content, so I don`t have to say it again. All you really gotta know is, i`m going to use this Blog to express my thoughts and feelings about various subjects. My posts are not always going to be about music. Though the biggest difference being, is that unlike how I write in the open forum, in here i`m not going to apply as much moderation as I normally

VoiceEx in Rants Galore

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