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You know what I really need?

I need deep critical attentive feedback for works-in-progress. I need a few serious artists to download a hi-res audio file (periodically) and engage with me on intentions, progress, hopes, dreams, & failures. I have, right now, three people I trust for various specific reasons. I would like to expand that circle. In return, I will do everything in my power to aid you on your own journey.

Pentachrist Productions, LLC

I filed for an LLC today through the state's recommended third party registrar. It included the application, EID filing, Articles of Incorporation filing, a forwarded business phone, and personal info kept off public records. Special thanks to @Clay Anderson Johnson for information and a kick in the ass (in a good way). Once it is official (it's supposed to take 4 business days), I will open a business checking account, get real and virtual business cards, and start scrapping to build it. The we


Hi, I've been gone a week or two, but now I'm back. I often don't know when I've reached a breaking point until I get there. John graciously installed a plugin that allows me to temporarily deactivate my account when I get overwhelmed (like I do for Twitter and Facebook).   I hired a consultant to work with me about learning Bitwig better. Reaper I know inside and out, and I love it, but Bitwig is much more robust with modulation options.    I'm trying to figure out a way to

Steve Mueske in Music

Ground Zero - Again

Those of you who know me know about my long-standing war with self-promotion. I have tried various strategies to keep myself motivated and ultimately these decisions change.   So, I've created a reel of everything I've been working on this past year or two, completely unreleased, 90% of which I am still in the process of futzing with or may eventually abandon. The reel is live, but I'm not promoting it; it's a way for me to get work out to people who might be interested long before the

Steve Mueske in Music

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